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Next Week’s Preorders: Adepta Sororitas! Necromunda! Deepkin for Underworld!

All of the following will be up for preorder next Saturday! (Forge World preorders go up on Friday)

The Adepta Sororitas are getting reinforcements and a new Codex!

They’ve got some fantastic new models up for preorder, kicking off with Morvenn Vahl, Abbess Sanctorum and High Lord of Terra. She’s utterly badass!

She’d look great leading some Paragon Warsuits!

Next up with have the Celestian Sacresants!

Those shields are so cool!

We also have a new character, a sort of chaplain level lady, the Dogmata.

Finally for the sisters, they have data cards and very nice dice!

Moving into the Underhive…House Cawdor are getting some attention, with the latest book, the House of Faith!

Within the book are rules for the Redemptionists, of whom are getting new minis!

To round out the release are new Gang tactic cards and dice.

Finally up for preorder next week from GW, we have the Idoneth Deepkin for Warhammer Underworlds Direchasm, Elathain’s Soulraid!

Switching attention to Forge World, we have a raft of new aircraft for Aeronautica Imperialis!

We’ve got the Marauder Colossus Bomber, Marauder Pathfinder, and T’au Air Caste Remora Stealth Drones.

And finally from Forge World we have Volkite weaponry for the Warhound, Reaver, and Warlord Titans

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