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Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Dominion | 3rd Edition Launch Box


At 6pm this evening Warhammer Community hosted another Warhammer Preview Online.

This one however was dedicated to the Mortal Realms, specifically for a launch box to mark the new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, called Dominion.

Check out the cinematic trailer!

We’ve got some fantastic stills from this trailer.

We knew it would have Stormcast in it, but oh boy, the models in this box are AMAZING!

Stormcast Eternals

The first army in the box is the poster boys of Age of Sigmar. They’ve evolved over the years, and the latest Thunderstrike Armour is utterly superb.

Look at what you get for the golden boys.

Yndrasta, the Celestial Spear is the centrepiece model for the Order half of this box.

We’ve seen her before, and she still looks awesome!

We’ve also got a brand new Lord, as seen in the above trailer. He’s a Lord-Imperatant, and comes complete with a Gryph-hound!

I’m a massive fan of the Sacrosanct Chamber, so always good to see another caster! In this case the Knight-Arcanum!

Games Workshop are really liking banners at the moment…and so it continues in this box! The next mini is the Knight-Vexillor with Banner of Apotheosis.

All these characters, they need bodyguards right?! Enter the Praetors!

Need more armour? Here come the Annihilators!

Every army needs some Battleline troops, and for the Stormcast they’ve now got the Vindictors. You get 10 of these in the box.

Kruleboyz Orruks

The Stormcast need somebody to do battle with, and so we have a new faction!

We’ve got the Kruleboyz Orruks!

Man these guys look awesome, and will be there own faction or should you wish you can use them with the Orruk Warclans!

Let’s check these out!

Leading the Kruleboyz we have the Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof! How badass is this guy!

Next up, loaded with potions and toxins to buff his units, the Swampcalla Shaman and his companion Pot-grot! Check out the Gargant skull on his back!

Want a Killaboss on foot? Of course you do. Know what you want more? A Stab-grot!

Orruks love banners too! In particular if the have a massive lizard tongue that chucks out swamp mist! It’s the Murknob with Belcha-banna.

Orruks with bows? These Orruks will win by being sneaky and cunning, and if it takes using ranged weapons then fine! It’s the Man-skewer Boltboyz.

We’ve got two lots of troop choices, the Gutrippaz and Hobgrot Slittaz.

Some major hints during the stream that those Hobgrots may have other masters…could Chaos Dwarfs been on the horizon this edition!

So that’s all the models, but not the full contents of the box!

It comes with a limited edition Core Rulebook, which has a very snazzy cover!

It also comes with some warscroll cards for both armies and a book called War at Amberstone Watch, which will help new players get into Age of Sigmar and provide a narrative storyline.

Finally…we got a glimpse of other minis are on the way for both armies outside of the box. The Knight-Judicator with Gryph-hounds and Stormstrike Chariot for the Stormcast and Beast-skewer Killbow and Breaka-boss on Mirebrute Troggoth!

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