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Weekly Hobby Updates | Week 9

It’s that time when we look back at what we’ve been painting!

Dave’s Progress

So this week I decided to add to the Deathwatch! I really like the Reiver models, and I think they could work well in a Deathwatch army! We’ll see post lockdown!

Matt’s Progress

Matt has been building and painting a WHOLE heap of British Line Infanty of the King’s German Legion 3rd Battalion by Warlord Games.

Love the little details on these and can hear the Sharpe theme song!

A brand new model for Be’lakor has recently been revealed over on Warcom, so Matt decided to pick up his classic Be’lakor model and get him battlefield ready. He looks awesome!

Jay’s Progress

Jay is pressing on with his Horus Heresy Blood Angels! He’s determined to get them up to 3k!

This week he’s been carrying on with his Dawnbreakers!

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