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Dead and the Divine – What We Hope to See!

This Weekend we have another Warhammer Preview on the way from Warhammer Community!

As ever, we will be watching with anticipation to see what goodies might be on their way, but I thought we would take a bit of a look at what we hope to see based on the information shared by Warhammer Community!

Firstly, the show is called The Dead and The Divine – The Dead surely must point to the teased undead looking models that we saw in the previous preview – could these be the much rumoured “Vampirates”? Broken Realms Morathi does have a fairly major background point detailing vampires, so a new Soulblight faction would not surprise me!

Well what about the Divine? Well could this perhaps be the Wind Temple for the Lumineth? Warhammer community have shared a very “Windy” teaser, and dont forget the previously seen Lumineth teases too! I think the safe money would be to see some full shots of these at the weekend

PreviewThisWeek Jan18 Tease4aw

Another take on Divine could be holy warriors – Witch hunters perhaps? If we are getting Vampires then it would not surprise me to see them up against Vampire Hunters in a battle box – maybe the guy decked out with stakes from the previous teaser?

It’s not just Age of Sigmar that we are expecting though, Warhammer Community have shared that we will also see stuff for Kill Team, Warhammer Underworlds, Warhammer 40,000, Adeptus Titanicus and a surprise system…

PreviewThisWeek Jan18 Systems v2bfb

Kill Team must be the Necrons VS Marines set teased last year, it wouldn’t surprise me if this box contained the much anticipated Heavy Intercessors and Necron Flayed Ones too! It would be nice to see a new starter box with some gorgeous terrain in order to expand our 40k collections. The last few Kill Team boxes have been great value too.

For Warhammer Underworlds we still have a number of upcoming factions that we have not yet seen, perhaps the Vampire faction takes the “Death” part of this preview’s name maybe?

For Warhammer 40,000 I think we might learn the details of the next Codexes on the way – With the Adepta Sororitas soon to get a new model and battle box then I would bank on the Sisters of Battle getting a new book not far behind that, and don’t forget we have seen a new Adeptus Mechanicus model too!

Adeptus Titanicus is an interesting one – I would like to see the story move to the Siege of Terra, perhaps with a release to tie in to the upcoming Mortis book – We have seen glimpses of a new Titan, so would expect to see this thing shown off in all it’s glory!

This leaves us with the mystery release! Realistically, I think this is either going to be either a new Warhammer Quest game (As Blackstone Fortress is no longer available, I feel this is a much needed entry point to the hobby for board game fans, especially if it can be played solo!) or maybe even a new Horus Heresy starter box with a fancy new logo! More out there ideas could be Battlefleet Gothic, Mordhiem or Gorkamorka – though I think these are less likely. What is a little out there, but potentially possible, would be a new Epic 40k. If they set this during the Horus Heresy and made it the same scale as Titanicus and Aeronautica it would mean they would be able to use these existing ranges while only needing to create 1 “army” for the system in the form of an infantry sprue, a transport sprue and a tank sprue in order to have enough units to recreate your epic battles in the 31st millennium – This could then be supported with resin Primarch models from Forge World.

What do you want to see from the show? Let us know! It all kicks off at 1:45 on Saturday!

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