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Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower | Dead of Night Expansion Revealed!

We are big fans of the Silver Tower Mobile game by Perchang, which we reviewed a few weeks ago.

So to our delight an expansion is on the way for the game entitled Dead of Night!

The expansion is crammed full of new content, headlined by 5 new unlockable Champions and new enemies in the form of Daemons of Nurgle!

We’ve included some of the press release below:

Expansion Features
50% More Champions – 5 brand new Champions to summon to your party.
5 Brand New Enemies – Dungeon critters and Daemons of Nurgle join the fray.
Brand New Environments – Three huge new maps to battle in.
Brand New Game Mode – Collect treasure chests and survive in The Gauntlet.
Brand New Items – Over 50 new weapons, items and boons added for your Champions.

4 of the new champions hail from the Death Grand Alliance, with the Necromancer, Sepulchrual Warden, Myrmourn Bansee and the Spirit Torment! Rounding out the new champions we can also unlock the Squig Herder!

A new mode is also being added to the game, called ‘The Gauntlet Mode’. This mode has players fighting waves and waves of enemies. You can head to the exit to secure your loot, or push on and try to get more treasures, but be warned…if you die without leaving the map you lose all your loot!

The best news is that the expansion lands this Thursday, 26th November!

You can download Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower right now on Android and Apple devices at the following links:

iOS – Silver Tower
Android – Silver Tower

You can read our review of the game here, or you can watch it below!

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