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Next Week’s Releases & News! Middle-Earth Rereleases & Christmas Battle Boxes!

Normally at this time on a Sunday we know thanks to Warhammer Community what is up for preorder next week. But not this week!

Blood Bowl Season Two is a two-week preorder, so that’s still up for grabs.

Middle-Earth fans rejoice! Next Saturday their will be a number of rereleased models from the Battle of Helms Deep!

Now Warcom has already said that some of these will be limited in stock, and they will be available to buy from 10am next Saturday, so no preorders on theses.

Check them all out below, including Gimili looking smug after killing an Uruk-Hai!

So much there, Elves! Uruk-Hai battering ram! Mounted Legolas!

What’s also super exciting is that this week we’ll see news on this years Christmas Battleforce boxes! These are fantastic value, and from the video on Warcom we’ve know we are getting T’au, Astra Militarum, Gloomspite Gits and Ogor Mawtribes boxes. More boxes may also be coming out, so we’ll keep on our eye on Warhammer Community this week.

And finally next Saturday at 1.45pm over on GW will have yet another online preview. This one is called Decadence & Decay, so I would expect Death Guard and Slaanesh!

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