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Next Week’s Preorders! Necromunda, Middle-Earth & Blood Bowl! Plus a new Preview!

Another week, another set of preorders!

Next Saturday morning at 10am the following items will be up for preorder.

It’s a Specialist Game bonanza!

BUT before all that! The article on Warhammer Community finishes with the announcement of a new Warhammer Preview online! It’s next Saturday on, and starts at 1.45pm.


House Escher are getting a brand new book, the House of Blades, along with new minis.

House of Blades, which will feature lots of new rules, Dramatis Personae and Escher specific Hangers on and Hired Guns, amongst other content.

I bought House of Chains for the Goliaths, and it was fantastic, so looking forward to the content in this one!

You’ll also be able to get a new box of minis. The new box lets you build two Death-maidens, four Wyld Runners, and four Phelynx. These are fantastic new models!

Fancy a new gang altogether, or want to add some Slave Ogryns to your existing gang? Well, GW has you covered!

The Necromunda releases don’t stop there!

Two new Gang tactics card packs are coming, one for Ogryns and one for Escher. You’ll also be able to pickup a card pack for generating missions and one for tactics purely for games set in Zone Mortalis.

Finally, Goliath and Esher gangs can get new dice too!


Rohan players rejoice!

A brand new Eomer is up for preorder next week. This plastic minis look amazing, and comes on foot and horseback.

White Dwarf has had tons of new Middle-Earth content, so GW are putting out a new book which has lots of scenarios, battle reports and painting guides taken from White Dwarf.

Aeronautica Imperalis

Avenger Strike Fighters are zooming into Aeronautica for Imperial fleets!

The new kit builds 4 planes, and can be equipped with optional lascannons and auto cannons.

Blood Bowl

Finally we have new content for Blood Bowl!

First up, a new team! The Crud Creek Nosepickers.

The kit comes with a couple of Pump Wagons, a couple of Fungus Flingas, a pair of Fun-Hoppas, and two Stilty Runnas, as well as tokens, balls etc, as normal.

Man these models look amazing! Especially the pump wagons!

New team means new Spike! magazine with rules for your new Snotling team!

And you’ll want those handy tactics cards, dice and of course, the Snotling pitch!

Some fantastic new releases!

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