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Next Week’s Preorders! T’au in Aeronautica and Card Packs!

The T’au are joining in the fun next week, as we have some new preorders that will be going live next Saturday at 10am over on Games Workshop’s website!

Aeronautica Imperialis: Skies of Fire

The Imperial Navy gets reinforcements, whilst the T’au enter the fray in the next box for Aeronautica.

In the box you’ll get…

  • Game Mat
  • Dice
  • Rule Book
  • 3 x Barracudas
  • 2 x Tiger Sharks
  • 2 x Valkyries
  • 3 x Lightning Strike Fighters
  • Reference Sheets, Tokens and Transfers

The set has some different build options, for example the Valkryies can instead be built as Vendettas. The new minis are fully compatible with the previous box.

To accompany the new box you’ll be able to buy all the planes individually.

You can also preorder new card packs and dice, for the T’au and Astra Militarium.

It goes on! We have a new supplement for Aeronautica, taking the dogfights to the planet of Taros! Featuring rules for all the new planes, scenarios and lore, this book is a must for any fans of Aeronautica!

A pair of double-sided 19-by-18 hex boards is also up for grabs set on Taros!

Warhammer 40k: Kill Team

Blank cards and and dice are coming for fans of Kill Team, so you can fill in all your models names, specialisms and such to keep a record of your games.

Middle-Earth Card Parks

Now if you are a fan of Middle-Earth you are going to want to be ready to order the next items bang on 10am, as they are always stupidly popular!

Isengard and Moria, the Free Peoples, and Elves and Dwarves are getting profile cards. They even include blank cards for your own heroes!

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