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Warhammer 366 – Week 8

8 weeks into my Warhammer 366 challenge! It’s been a busy week with less time for hobby, but still managed to do a little Warhammer each and every day! So read on to see what I got up to!

Day 51 – Day 53

 The week started with getting the next batch of sisters primed up first in black, then a zenithal highlight of light grey followed by silver on all the metal! Took a couple of days as find that Vellejo primer needs some time to dry properly before you put another colour on top of it!


Day 54

With all the excitement about House of Chains, me and Dave decided to dig the gangs out and have a game of Necromunda! Much fun was had as the Bounty Hunter gang took on the Goliaths in a brutal casualty killed game! Was also a great excuse to use my Zone Mortalis scenery!


Day 55

Today I started putting the red down on the Sisters – Mephiston Red Air followed by Evil Sunz Scarlet Air leaves a gorgeous colour for the cloaks! Tend to do this after the silver areas, as is nice and easy to touch up that colour again!

Today we also put out a video on the awesome new Inner Circle Knights from Forge World!


Day 56

Today put together my Mortifiers, ace kits but found them a little less fun to build than some of the other Sisters kits – they should look ace when they are painted though!


Another video went up today too in the form of our Mortal Realms Magazine Issue 2 Unboxing!


Day 57


Today was podcast day, and we reviewed the new House of Chains for Necromunda! Why not take a listen below?


Day 58

And to end the week I had a little bit of Video Game Warhammer Action with Gladius on the PC!

Warhammer 366

We also put out an unboxing of the Penitent Engines!


And that is another week completed! Didn’t manage to get quite as much painting done as I would have liked, but managed to get Warhammer done regardless! See you next time!

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