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Warhammer 40,000 Anthology Animation Announced!

The recently created Storyforge department within Games Workshop have been very busy!

So far we’ve got Angels of Death and a live action Eisonhorn series on the way.

Announced today we have a Warhammer 40k animation anthology on the way!

Helmed by the talented creatives who make up the Storyforge team, this new endeavour promises to be a treat for fans of the Dark Millennium. Word on the street is the first episode is penned by none other than Andy Smillie, the Black Library author who has left a blood-spattered trail of Flesh Tearers fiction in his wake.

Warhammer Community Announcement Page

Check out these sketches!

They look amazing! Some of them form part of an Inqusitorial retinue, whilst others are agents of the Imperium (and an Eldar Ranger).

Warhammer Community have also shown off a teaser image.

It has a very ‘anime’ sort of look and feel, which will work fantastically well with the grim darkness of the Warhammer 40,000 universe!

We’ve been promised more updates regarding the new media projects at Adepticon and WarhammerFest.

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