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Breaking News – Tau Aeronautica, Necromunda House of Chains Goliath Expansion, Titanicus Warbringer Titan and new Adeptus Titanicus starter set!

We have some awesome breaking news from Warhammer Communityabout some very cool things revealed at the Nuremberg Toy Fair!

First of all we have something that had been teased back on this very site not long ago…


Yes, that’s right – The T’au are coming to Aeronautica Imperialis in a brand new boxed game set during the Taros campaign and it’s out in April!

As predicted we are getting plastic Tigersharks and Baracudas for the T’au!

For the Imperium we get Valkyries and Avenger Strike Fighters!

All of these kits look absolutely ace, and I cant wait to paint some!

There is also an accompanying book detailing the conflict on Taros!


For Adeptus Titanicus we have a brand new starter set coming up for pre order on 8th February!

This looks like a brilliant way of getting into the game, and includes a nice mixture of engines along with the core rules!

There is also a brand new titan on the way in the form of the Warbringer!

The 40k scale version of this is gorgeous – and the Titanicus scale one looks just as good! I cant wait to try this thing out on the battlefield!

That’s not all however, as we are also getting some brand new scenery featuring cranes, barrels and containers!

Regular listeners to the podcast will know that I love a good bit of scenery, so cant wait to put this stuff together!

Finally, We are also getting a new expansion book for Adeptus Titanicus with Shadow and Iron, which tells the tale of the Betrayal at Calth and features rules for Psi-Titans! From the cover this looks to feature Legio Praesagius too, who fought on Calth alongside the Ultramarines,


In the Underhive we have a new expansion coming for Necromunda – House of Chains

This looks to be a supplement that expands the options for Goliath gangs with new options, scenario, terrain features and some cool looking new models!

I do wonder if this is the first part in a range of books expanding the various gangs with new kits!

What do you guys think of these new reveals? Let us know in the comments!


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