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Lumineth Realm-Lords, Teclis and The Pointy Aelves come to Age of Sigmar – Seraphon also return soon!

The Warhammer team promised some awesome Age of Sigmar reveals at the Las Vegas Open, and they were not kidding!


The Lumineth Realm-Lords are the new High Elf themed faction for Age of Sigmar – and they look gorgeous!


First up we have some re-imagined spearmen in the form of Auralan Wardens – these guys look great and keep the spirit of the classic High Elf range while also bringing something new to the table!


Next up are some new Aelven Cavalry – The Vanari Dawnriders! These look like absolutly gorgeous models, it’s going to be great to see some epic cavalry charges on the tabletop with them!

Next is the surprise return of classic Elf character Eltharion, well his spirit in an empty suit of armour…


He is looking very cool! But not as cool as the big guy himself…

Teclis new

Teclis is back, and this time he is riding is frankly amazing looking mount, Celennar, Spirit of Hysh

There’s even more to come from this range – we cant wait to see it all!


That wasn’t all the Sigmar news however! As previously reported on the other day, the Seraphon are coming back to age of Sigmar!

And they are getting a new scenery piece in the form of a stepped Pyramid!

It sounds like these guys may be with us very soon too! So keep an eye out for them!


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