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Beastgrave Nurgle Blightkings,Blackstone Fortress Zoat and new rules for 40k Forge World kits!

We have just had a bumper round-up of news from the Las Vegas Open!

First up we saw the next warband for Warhammer underworlds – the amazingly named The Wurmspat

these guys look ace, and I’ll deffo be picking these up to add to the collection! As you would expect from Nurgle, apparently these guys are great at grinding the enemy down in a war of attrition

Next up we saw another classic model return for Blackstone Fortress

zoat 2

How cool does he look?

Interestingly, the Sons of Behemat also get a namecheck in that teaser video for this new Zoat… So while we may not have had a reveal at this preview, we can be sure they are on the way!

Finally, Games Workshop revealed that all the rules for Forge World kits in Warhammr 40k will be updated in a new range of books – It wouldn’t surprise me if the first volume is for Custodes – and perhaps the long awaited 30k Mechanicum rules will come to 40k too! Who knows, maybe I’ll finaly get Codex Death Korps of Krieg?!

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