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Warhammer 366 – Week 1

It’s the far flung future of the year 2020, and over on the Sprues & Brews Podcast we have all made our New Year Hobby Resolutions…

For my top choice I wanted to do something I called “Warhammer 366” – doing something “Warhammer” each and every day of the year (And it’s a leap year, so we get an extra day of hobby!)

This doesn’t have to be painting something – it can include building a kit, listening to an audio book, reading White Dwarf or something from Black Library, writing an army list or playing a game! I didn’t want to get burnt out trying to paint something to completion every day, so made it as accessible as possible and make it realistic to finish the challenge!

If you have been watching along at home on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you’ll know that I have been putting an image up each day to chronicle this adventure with the hashtag #Warhammer366

I’ve also decided to do a weekly post charting my progress right here on the site, so without further ado, let’s get stuck in!



Today was all about Middle-Earth, in particular the awesome new invisible Ring Bearers from Forge World!





These are really fun pieces, and it’s a real shame they are no longer available! Yes, this is cheating a little bit – but I’m going to let it count!


On the 2nd January I finished off the 5th model from the Ring Bearer set, Gollom!



Just like the others, this was great fun to paint and really got me in the mood for some more Middle Earth, so much in fact I started building some Rohan houses…

But before all that we also recorded the Podcast episode mentioned at the top of the post!


I really enjoy our podcast recording sessions, myself Dave and Jay get together and chat Warhammer for a couple of hours and tend to get excited about future projects and the next cool release! Oh and we have a great laugh with your top 3’s too!


On the 3rd I continued with the Middle-Earth theme by building and painting a Rohan house (Designed by the legendary Ray Dranfield!)



It’s not quite done yet, but was great fun to get the base colours on, and pretty painless with the airbrush!

Was lucky enough to pick up the big box of these, so stay tuned for more!


Today was the New Year Open Day at Warhammer World!



We saw lots of cool stuff, like this! And also a teaser about Pointy Aelves

We’ll be having a chat about the event on this week’s Podcast when it drops on Friday, so stay tuned to your local podcast provider for that!

I also managed to build some filthy little hobbitses…


Rather terrifyingly this puts me at around 1000 points of various Shire folks! Will be getting them all painted over the year hopefully so i can take them to a Throne of Skulls!

Day 5

Today was all about getting stuck into the filth of the Underhive






Really really enjoyed painting these, which is just as well as have 3 boxes of Dark Uprising and 3 sets of Zone Mortalis Tiles to do…


With the Sisters of Battle codex on the way I decided it was about time to finalise my army prior to pre orders going live!


Have gone Order of the Argent Shroud with lots of minimum strength infantry units to run and gun their way up the battlefield supported by lots of Penitent Engines and Mortifiers – should be pretty tasty!

I also worked on another Zone Mortalis Tile


Which looked a little something like this when done:


You wouldn’t want to cut your hand on any of that – you could catch all sorts of diseases…


And this brings us to today! And it’s been pretty productive – in addition to typing up this article I managed to finish off the first two Zone Mortalis Tiles and a pile of scenery for them!





Really happy with how these have come out, and I’m thinking about recording a little tutorial on how to do the grime effects!


So that is my Warhammer completed in the first week of January – I hope you have enjoyed making this journey with me, but I’d love to see what you have been up to too! Share along at home with #Warhammer366 and show me what Warhammer you have been doing every day!

Until next time, make sure to get your daily dose of Warhammer goodness!


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