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NOVA: New Warhammer 40k Campaign, Shrike Reborn, Primarch Teased!

We’ve all been wondering what Psychic Awakening is. Turns out, it’s a brand new massive campaign!

Promising to feature faction updates for all armies, spanning multiple books, this campaign will apparently feature several plots already in place in the 40k universe, and will feature a whole bunch of new plastic models. Including plastic Howling Banshees!

The accompanying video features an Inquistor appearing to be reading something Eldar-esque.

It looks as though the Raven Guard are next to get a Codex Supplememt, as Shrike has been Primaris-fied!

Man, he’s good enough reason alone to start a Raven Guard army!

Finally for this post, the video to coincide with Shrikes return features a huge hint at a returning Primarch.

Is that Corax? Is he the next plastic Primarch?

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