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Next Week – Contrast and the return of Forge World paints!

Its almost here! Contrast is up for pre order next weekend along with an expanded Citadel paint range! Looks like there will also be some bundle offers available! Here’s all the details from Warhammer Community

The waiting is almost over – the new era of paint is only a couple of weeks away. Next week, you’ll be able to pre-order your very own Contrast paints – plus a vast new range of Base, Layer, Technical and Air paints!

New Colours

Since 2012, we’ve released a LOT of new models – and relaunching our paint range was the perfect opportunity to provide you with more colours to paint them than ever before, tailored for a wider range of armies. Play Horus Heresy? You’ll be able to take advantage of new Base paints tailored to your Legion, from Night Lords Blue to Nocturne Green.


Air Paint, Reborn

The new paint range is about making awesome results accessible for everyone, however they paint. We haven’t forgotten about you airbrushers out there, and to help you in your work, we’re relaunching the entire Air range! These paints are still the same great airbrush-ready formulation, but now in a larger pot for your convenience and with a wider range of colours, including a number of paints previously available through Forge World’s Air range.


And who could forget Contrast? We’ve looked at the science behind this miraculous new paint, as well as having delved deep into the range – check out our previews if you want to learn more. This paint promises to give you Battle Ready results in a single coat – you’re gonna want to grab a pot just to see it work for yourself…


Last, but not least, we’ve got Stormshield – the new matt varnish specially designed to protect your Contrast paintwork! Stormshield also provides your models with an attractive matt finish, and works just as well over regular Citadel paints.

Battle Ready Paint Sets

Raring to get stuck in with the new paints? Already been planning out colour schemes for your army? We don’t blame you – which is why we’re very excited to announce the new Battle Ready Paint Sets! Available for a limited time, this offer lets you save money when you order your paints, allowing you to select the paints you need to get your army Battle Ready.

How it works is simple – all you need to do is order 4 Base paints, 2 Shade paints, 3 Contrast paints and 1 Technical paint to finish your miniatures off, and we’ll let you have them all for a special promotional price. Some terms and conditions apply – we’ll have more details for you closer to the time.

All of these paints will be available to pre-order next week, on the 8th of June – make sure to save the date!

Stay tuned for more paint news throughout next week – and let us know what you’re looking forward to most on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page.

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