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Matt’s Fyreslayers – Age of Sigmar Tale of Gamers

With a sound like breaking ice, Horfrist-Grimnir spurred his Magmadroth Kindleskin towards the chattering horde of Gitz. “By my beard you will not defile the halls of this lodge!” Horfrist-Grimnir bellowed as his mount thundered into the packed line of greenskins, sending them scattering frantically away from the great flame writhed beast. As the warriors of the lodge formed ranks behind him, Horfrist-Grimnir roared in laughter as the diminutive grots erupted into flames around him…

Magamadroth BG

As listeners of the podcast may know, we have been working on both a 40k army and an Age of Sigmar one as part of our tale of gamers. For February it was the turn of Sigmar, and I had decided to pledge to the Lodges and lead an army of Fyreslayers! Only these ones would be a little frosty…

Vulkite BG

Gelidar Lodge – Ulgu

In the Grey Realm, within the twilight of the dominion of Hiemal likes the Peak of Gelidar. Within this ancient edifice, that legends say was carved by Gods and Beasts in the times before tales, stands the Lodge of the Sons of Horfrist-Grimnir. The Fyreslayers of the Gelidar Lodge are unusual in that they burn cold flames that can freeze the very moisture in the air. Runesmiters over the centuries have theorised that this is due to the taint of Ulgu upon the Ur-Gold in the realm, while others believe this is curse they must endure in punishment for a long forgotten crime. The warriors of the lodge care not, for their existence in this cold, unloving land is the for their oaths and pledges to gather the essence of Grimnir and smite those who dare sully his name.


Horfrist-Grimnir – Runefather

Magamadroth 1

Magamadroth 2

Horfrist-Grimnir is my Runefather on Magmadroth – I was undecided for a while on if the Magmadroth should share the cold colours of the Lodge, but eventually I decided a bright flaming Magmadroth would make a nice contrast to the cold in the rest of the army


Articus, Runeson

Runeson BG

Runeson 2

My Runeson was built up as an extra character on foot to support the growing army, in April he should inherit a Magmadroth of his own,,,

Belacosux – Runesmiter

Runesmiter BG


Belacosux holds aloft the grand key of Gelidar, inspiring nearby warriors into a furious rage. He too many get his own mount eventually…


The Grudgebreakers – Hearthguard Berzerkers

Hearthguard BG

Hearthguard 5

Hearthguard 4

Hearthguard 3

Hearthguard 2

Hearthguard 1

The Grudgebreakers are pledged to protect the Runefather, their flamestrike poleaxes trailing fire behind them.

Grimeye Doomseeker

Doomseeker BG


Grimeye seeks his doom for an oath once broken…

The Fyrd of Gelidar – Vulkite Berzerkers

Vulkite BG

Vulkite 1

Vulkite 2

Vulkite 3

Vulkite 4

Vulkite 5

Loyal to the Lodge, the Vulkites march tirelessly for the pursuit of Ur-Gold


With the first month out of the way, what do I have planned for the second (Being painted in April!) instalment?

Well, a further 20 Vulkite Berzerkers are being added in order to build up the unit to full strength, likewise the Hearthguard are being expanded by another 5 bodies! To add some awesome shooting to the list I am adding 5 Auric Hearthguard, and to round off the month I’ll be giving the Runeson a mount in the form of a Magmadroth.

Who knows, I may even have a battletome by the end of the month…

I hope you have enjoyed this look at the army so far, and feel free to shout up if you have any questions!


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