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[Updated] Warhammer: Retribution Conquest Revealed! Brand New Game System!

As most of you may have guessed, this was an April’s Fool joke post. We hope you enjoyed it!

Revealed this morning, a brand new boxed game which is going to change the worlds of Warhammer forever!

Warhammer 40k meets Age of Sigmar in the ultimate crossover!

Armies find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings…displaced by the chaos gods, loyal servants of the emperor find themselves assailed by strange armies of golden armoured warriors wielding lightning and mutated rat men wielding arcane weapons

Featuring a mix of new mechanics and returning gameplay from both Age of Sigmar and 40k. Also, in an even more bizarre twist expect some returning mechanics from the Old World! Welcome back Warhammer Fantasy flank charges and strict formations!

Meanwhile the armies of Allarielle awaken on Deathworlds throughout the galaxy, assailed by Tyranid monsters

Expect a mix of abilities from both universes including a device that comes in the starter box to work our priority rolls for potential double turns!

New stratagems that allow armies of the 41st Millennium to make use of endless spells and realm gates. Additional battalions and artifacts that allow forces of the mortal realms survive in the harsh environments of the 41st Millennium

We have very little to go on right now, but this promises to be a epic game. Ultramarines Vs Skaven, Everchosen Vs the Black Legion. More news when we get it!

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