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Could Forbidden Power portent the return of the Tomb Kings?

Ever since seeing the Forbidden Power trailer the other day, something from beneath the range has been calling out to me…

Yes we have some overt signs such as Egyptian style statues flanking the door, but take a look at the half circle with starburst on the floor, this is something that has cropped up in the world that was, in particular on the Tomb Kings…

Check out that banner! Half circle? Check! Starburst effect? Check!

Still not convinced? Well what about the Tomb guard!

These fellas have half circle starburst goodness all over the place!! Banner, headdresses, shields, they love it!

While this may not be a Tomb Kings range (at least in this initial expansion), could this perhaps be a nod towards a reimagined Egyptian style army in a upcoming battlebox in the same way that Malign Portents made some nods towards Soul Wars?

Hopefully we find out for sure soon…

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  1. I assume it won’t be, I think it’s more of a Maligned Sorcery type of release. But I love all the Tomb King hype and discourse surrounding the video.

    When they finally redo Tomb Kings, I’m going to be a very happy and poor man.


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