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Yes, you can deploy your entire Genestealer Cults army via “Blips”…

Warhammer Community have confirmed today that you can indeed deploy your entire Genestealer Cults army via “Blips”

A few of you have got in touch this week to ask how the Ambush marker deployment mechanic works in matched play games.

We just wanted to clear up that the intent is certainly that you can deploy your entire Genestealer Cults army using Ambush markers if you like – in any type of game. Any and all units that have the Cult Ambush special rule can take advantage of this, though you still can’t start with more than half your army underground. Not even the Genestealer Cults are that sneaky!

Deploying using Ambush marker is a very thematic, though fairly unusual, mechanic, and it does throw up the odd question on specific interactions with some other deployment rules. Don’t worry – these will be covered in a designer’s commentary in a few weeks. For now – enjoy the new codex!

This is rather cool and confirms that all sorts of deployment shenanigans will work during matched play! It seems that “deepstriking” units is still limited to half of your army, however you can indeed have your opponent take turn one not knowing where any of your units are!

They’re all around us, man!

Image result for motion tracker gif


  1. This sounds Awesome. I also have a load of blip markers I made for a narrative game of “spacehulk” with 40k rules on a zone mortalis board at Warhammer World. I painted up 15 blip markers on 2 pence pieces… Then forgot to take them with me, for the one game they would only ever be used in. But no more! All I have to do is find them now…


  2. Huh, sounds like an interesting mechanic. So, does the GS player put down multiple blip markers during setup, and then choose where they will pop up from? Or don they get just 1? I’ve only played Newcromunda, so I’m not familiar with the rules for Warhammer, but that might be something useful for Necro too.


  3. But with The Stratagem „They come from below“….i can
    bring more, up to three Units, in underground. Because
    It‘s Not before The Battle. It‘s in my First Turn… that right?
    So i can bring 1400 points from underground in The Second Phase…. in a 2000 points Matched Play. Is that right?
    Thank you very much for your comment


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