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Horus Heresy Weekender: Reveals!

You may have heard that this weekend is the Horus Heresy Weekender. The first time those with tickets will not only see Sanguinius and a range of other cool stuff from the Night Lords and the Blood Angels, but also able to buy them!

This morning an email has hit my inbox with a couple of early reveals, starting with the special edition of Sanguinius with the fancy base. Available to buy at the Weekender, and for a short time on the website whilst stocks last in the near future. Daemons beware!

Sanguinius also has a different weapon, should you wish to replace his sword. The Spear of Telesto.

The Blood Angels, White Scars and Daemons, amongst others appear in the latest HH book, Malevolence, which is at the show. Whilst not being able to be purchased just yet, it will be very soon. Sanguinius’s rules are within this tome.

If you love Daemons you’ll love this book.

Finally (at least for now) we have another unit available to purchase today, the Deathsworn…

a brutal Space Wolves unit made up of those for whom the then-nascent Curse of the Wulfen was more of a blessing…

More info when we have it!

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