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Humble Bundle: Warhammer Games & Audiobooks!

Fancy grabbing yourself a bargain and supporting charities in the process? currently have not one, but two excellent Warhammer themed bundles on at the moment. If you’ve never been on Humble Bundle before then this is how it works…

You donate anything from as little as a £1 and get some really cool stuff. If you donate more than the average then you can unlock further tiers for even cooler stuff.

Screenshot_2018-11-07 Humble Warhammer Bundle

The first bundle is focused on Warhammer videogames. The basic tier includes the classic Dawn of War and Talisman, but donate more and you can unlock Dawn of War 3, Vermintide and Battlefleet Gothic Armada!

Screenshot_2018-11-07 Humble Audiobook Bundle Voices from the Worlds of Warhammer

The second bundle is all about the Black Library, with a plethora of audio books and dramas to listen to. We’ve got tales for Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar and the Old World. The basic tier includes Horus Rising, Fabius Bile and The Realmgate Wars: The Beasts of Cartha, whilst further tiers include Dark Imperium, Warmaster, Thorn Wishes Talon and Howl of the Banshee!

You can select how much of your donation goes towards your choice of a number of charities, the Humble Bundle team or the developers themselves.

I may not have a working gaming PC right now, but I’m going to grab both. Awesome cool Warhammer content AND your supporting some fantastic causes?! Yep…I’m in!

These bundles won’t be around forever, as they are only online for a limited time.

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