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Blood and Glory Studio Preview


Wow! Just wow!

Games Workshop have just revealed a load of stuff from their Blood and Glory Studio preview!

Moon Clan Grots

Looks lke the next Age of Sigmar Battletome is for the Moon Clan Grots! There’s a bad moon rising…

Beasts of Legend

Some old school Beasts of Chaos models are coming back for a made to order release including the awesome Pestigors!

Image result for pestigors


Realm of Chaos – Wrath and Rapture

We finally have details of what’s coming in the Wrath and Rapture boxed set! Looks like we get Daemonettes, Seekers and brand new Fiends facing off against Bloodletters, Bloodcrushers and brand new Fleshhounds! Also included are some exclusive new character models (We haven’t seen these guys yet though!)


Chapter Approved 2018

We had previously been told about Ork Looted Wagons and the Sisters of Battle Beta Codex in Chapter Approved 2018, but today we learn that army list and profiles for the Eight of the Farsight Enclaves will be in the book too!



Imperium forces are requested reinforcements on Vigilus – the question is, who will answer the call?…


House Delaque

The next Necromunda force has been revealed – and it’s the Delaque! These were always my favourite house back in the day, so cant wait to get these models!!

Also coming are two new books compiling all the rules and profiles so far for the game!

Darkoath – The Godsworn Hunt

The next Warhammer Underworlds warband has been revealed – The Godsworn Hunt! I am a fan of all things Chaotic, so will deffo be picking these guys up!


Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress

Wow, just wow. This looks to be one of the greatest boxed games Games Workshop have ever put out! Khornegors and Traitor Guard! Awesome heroes! New Black Legion! This looks so ace!!

Event Exclusive Primaris Marine

This handsome chap is a new miniature exclusive to independent events next year!


I think you will agree that’s a lot of awesome news! Check out the Warhammer Community site for the full run down of everything revealed at Blood and Glory!

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