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Speed Freeks price revealed!

Faeit 212 reports that the eagerly awaited Speed Freeks will be retailing at £90! Though dont forget you will be able to get it cheaper from Element Games (Approx £72 based on previous releases!)



So what do you get for your £90?

Well, you get two sets of Warbike sprues which normally retail at £24 each.

You also get two of the brand new Buggies (That happen to be exclusive to this set) – The Kustom Boosta-Blasta and the Shokkjump Dragsta – Let’s guess at £25 each for these

You also seem to get a sprue of Orkish scenery and barricades, let’s put these at a conservative £10

This means for just the plastic (Not including the game itself!) it would cost around £110 for the contents – give or take, you pretty much get one of the vehicle sprues for free!)

This is before factoring in the game, which looks to have a card mat similar to what we have seen for Kill Team, along with the rules, tokens and dice! Plus you get measuring/manoeuvre widgets and screens to hide your dice behind (We are assuming at the moment this works like X-Wing with secret orders for what your vehicles will be doing)

While I imagine there will be some moaning from some corners of the internet about this “Only” having 8 miniatures, it really does seem like this will be a cracking buy!

Speed Freeks is up for pre order this Saturday!




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