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Horus Heresy: Plastic Boxed Games Discontinued

War of Sigmar have spotted a comment over on one of the official Warhammer Facebook groups.

After being asked about the availability of the two Horus Heresy Plastic Boxed Games, GW confirmed they’d been discontinued:

For a number of commenters they are pointing to a further nail in the Horus Heresy coffin.

Games Workshop are throwing out a large number of Boxed Games at the moment. We’ve still got Speed Freeks and Rogue Trader to come out, and it hasn’t been long since Adeptus Titanicus and Tooth & Claw.

Their are still new Heresy stuff coming, with new Blood Angel models being recently released.

Let’s not forget what is on the horizon, the new HH book, focusing on the big one, the battle for Terra. I’d expect a big new push once the book is out and settled.

I’d also anticipate a big campaign, I mean when it comes to storylines, you don’t get much bigger than the fight for Terra!

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