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Today’s Rumour Engine: New Imperial Vehicle?

Like clockwork, Tuesdays mean a brand new rumour engine.

Let’s take a peek:

My first impressions? A new Imperial vehicle! And I don’t mean Space Marines!

The ‘grids’ seen towards the top of the image look like the ones seen on Imperial Guard tanks to me. I could however be very wrong.

What do you guys think? Let us know via the comments or social media.

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  1. To me, it kinda looks like some sort of hovercraft, viewed from above. It’s the thruster combined with a directional fin, and what looks like an armoured “skirt” over the cushion…which is rounded in a way we don’t often see on Imperial military vehicles.

    It could be Guard, but I don’t think it fits their exaggerated military aesthetic (overly armoured and angles everywhere). It looks a little too… sleek in places. I’m leaning more towards GSC, or – as a stretch – something for Rogue Traders?

    Hover-car Limo for GSC? 😅


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