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Today’s Rumour Engine: New Imperial Vehicle?

Like clockwork, Tuesdays mean a brand new rumour engine.

Let’s take a peek:

My first impressions? A new Imperial vehicle! And I don’t mean Space Marines!

The ‘grids’ seen towards the top of the image look like the ones seen on Imperial Guard tanks to me. I could however be very wrong.

What do you guys think? Let us know via the comments or social media.


  1. To me, it kinda looks like some sort of hovercraft, viewed from above. It’s the thruster combined with a directional fin, and what looks like an armoured “skirt” over the cushion…which is rounded in a way we don’t often see on Imperial military vehicles.

    It could be Guard, but I don’t think it fits their exaggerated military aesthetic (overly armoured and angles everywhere). It looks a little too… sleek in places. I’m leaning more towards GSC, or – as a stretch – something for Rogue Traders?

    Hover-car Limo for GSC? 😅


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