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Next Week – Cawdor for Necromunda, and the last wave of Stormcast and Nighthaunt!

Another exciting weekend of preorders up on Saturday with the long awaited release of the Cawdor gang for Necromunda along with the final releases for the Stormcast and Nighthaunt! Here’s all the news from Warhammer Comminity

Next week – a new Gang War, and a new gang, land in Necromunda, while in the Mortal Realms, the Nighthaunt and the Stormcast Eternals receive their latest reinforcements. Here’s what you’ll be able to pre-order on the 4th of August…

All Necromunda fans will want to ensure they grab a copy of Gang War 4 – the latest expansion to your games, featuring a host of new content and some exciting hints at what the future may hold. We’ll be previewing Gang War 4 on Monday, but for now, we can confirm that you’ll find brutes – super-sized gangers like the “Arachni-rig” servo suit and Cawdor Stig-shambler, as well as rules for Necromunda’s first psykers!

One particularly exciting feature of Gang War 4 is the Dominion Campaign, a new way to play your campaigns that focuses on vicious turf wars over special territories and terrain. To help you keep track of this, we’re releasing a special set of Dominion territory cards that make mustering your turf simple:

Last, but very far from least, Gang War 4 features rules for founding your very own Cawdor Gang – a scrappy, scavenging force of religious fanatics who can quickly outnumber their foes.

To start your Cawdor Gang, all you’ll need is the new plastic gang kit – inside, you’ll find everything you need to build a gang of 10 members, with a whole range of bizarre weapons, like ballistic crossbows, cobbled-together polearms (bearing a crude resemblance to the guardian spears of the Adeptus Custodes) and a variety of heads and accessories to personalise every member of your fanatical horde.

You’ll also be able to get your hands on some Cawdor-themed dice to match your gang, a set of Gang Cards featuring 12 unique tricks and ploys to use in your games, and Cawdor-themed fighter cards for keeping track of your Leaders and Champions.

For Warhammer Age of Sigmar fans, we’re rounding off the new releases for the Nighthaunt and Stormcast Eternals with even more incredible models and units for your army. For the Stormcast Eternals, you’ll be able to get the Evocators on Celestial Dracolines – monster-riding magic wielders of the Sacrosanct Chambers – as well as the Lord-Ordinator with Astral Grandhammer – a key lynchpin for your Order artillery lines, from Grundstok Gunhaulers to Celestar Ballistas.

The Evocators on Celestial Dracolines can also be used to build a Lord-Arcanum on Dracoline, offering you even more options when constructing your army – and some very nifty spare parts for your bits box…

Nighthaunt players, meanwhile, can order an alternative Lord Executioner as well as the Bladegheist Revenants and Dreadscythe Harridans, allowing you to choose just which form of grisly, bladed death you have in mind for your foes…

You’ve only got a week to wait until you can pre-order these new releases for yourself – in the meantime, check out the latest releases online or at your local store to find out what you can get your hands on right now.

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