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Today’s Preorders! Kill Team!

It’s Saturday morning which can only mean one thing, new Games Workshop preorders!

So what’s up for preorder today? Have we mentioned something called Kill Team?

So what have we got? The Starter Box is a great place to start! With all the rules, data cards, a gaming mat, scenery and 2 factions to play with (Adeptus Mechanicus and Genestealer Cultists) you’ll be able to delve straight into a game in no time!

Want to just pick up the rules and data cards? Well you can!

If your like me and you really really like the scenery, then check these out. Four lots of scenery are available, starting with the Sector Imperialis Administratum.

We’ve then got the Sector Imperialis Sanctum.

My favourite, the Sector Imperialis Basilicanum.

And finally the Sector Imperialis Ruins.

2 faction starter sets are up for grabs, the Space Wolves (although you could use these for any Space Marine chapter) and the Orks.

Want to transport your minis in style? Why not pick up the Kill Team Carry Case! (Could be pretty good for Shadespire too!)

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