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2 Sleeps until Warhammer Age of Sigmar The New Edition! Stormcast Eternals

Can you believe it’s now only 2 sleeps until we finally have the new edition of Age of Sigmar in our hands?! Yesterday we took a look at the forces of the Nighthaunt, now today we are taking a look at their rivals in the Soul Wars box, the Stormcast Eternals!


The Stormcast have been in the game since the original Age of Sigmar release, however they have been re imagined and reforged with the brand new Sacrosanct chamber opening!

Sigmar has unleashed his chamber dedicated to magic and artillery – and their particular speciality is facing off against the ethereal and mystic, such as the spooky ghosts of the Nighthaunt! Does busting make them feel good? I know who I’d call!

But it’s not just the new models in Soul Wars that are on the way, as a brand new Battletome and range of miniatures are on the way – and they are stunning! My favourite is the fantastic Aventis Firestrike on his mighty Tauralon!


He is not alone though, as he is being joined by a number of other characters and units that we spied at Warhammer Fest!

The Stormcast are also getting some abilities for their Stormhosts, allowing you to tailor your army to various play styles! Due to loving the scheme for the Celestial Vindicators, I was interested that Warhammer Community shared their abilities! It seems the general tactic is “Charge Everything” – Now who does that remind me of?…


Tomorrow we will be looking at everything else out alongside Soul Wars such as the Generals Handbook and the various accessories coming out on Saturday!


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