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4 Sleeps until Warhammer Age of Sigmar The New Edition! Endless Spells


It’s now only 4 sleeps until we get to consume all the awesome new Age of Sigmar stuff that is on the way, and The Mortal Realms have taken a turn for the worse after Nagash unleashed his Necroquake upon them! Raw magic has saturated the environment and spells have gained a predatory intelligence that threatens to backfire of those foolish enough to unleash them!

These Endless Spells make their debut in the Malign Sorcery boxed set, which contains all the rules and warscrolls needed to use them as long as the models for the spells themselves!


Yes, that’s right! Spells with models! To me, this set is a call back to the old Battle Magic boxed set for Warhammer Fantasy Battle – this box was crammed full of cards, templates and rules to further expand magic in Warhammer, and it seems that Malign Sorcery will do the same for Age of Sigmar but this time with impressive models rather than templates!

As so many races have wizards (Sorry Dave, you Kharadrons may not – but at least you can pick up an allied caster!) nearly every single person who plays Age of Sigmar will be able to make use of this box! And for people who just collect and paint, the set has some brilliant looking models to make your own (I’m particularly looking forward to getting these build and painted to add some magical flare to the battlefield!)

The book also contains loads of new rules and options for your games, and as with the rest of the new releases we will be tearing into them on Saturday to give you our thoughts on them!

But is that it for Endless Spells? Not a chance! Coming the week after the boxed game are TWO more sets of spells, one for the Nighthaunt and another for the Stormcast Eternals! I hope this is a trend that continues and that we also see some love for races who may already have a book!

Are there any Endless Spells you are looking forward to? Do you think this will be a big change to the game? Please let us know!

Tomorrow things get a little spooky as we look forward to the Nighthaunt…


  1. Oh, so are the “sets”, like smaller sets of spells that people can purchase? I’m interested in the minis, but not really the big boxed set since I don’t play AoS.


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