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Codex Imperial Knights: Review

For a while I’ve wanted to try my hand at filming my first impressions of a new codex, so here is my first attempt with the new Imperial Knight Codex!

I’ve also took this opportunity to put into words what I think of this new codex too, so read on!

I’ve been tempted by an Imperial Knight army for quite some time and this codex is the first which really feels like Games Workshop have turned those massive stompy Imperium Knights into a full fledged army in their own right.

This has much to do with the wider variety of models that can be included in your force. You’ve got your standard Questoris Knights (Wardens, Paladins, etc), but then you have your smaller Armiger knights and your larger Dominus Knights. Not forgetting as well the new Knight Preceptor and the first named Imperial Knight special character in the shape of Canis Rex.

This book is jam packed full of gorgeous artwork, seriously. From small art depicting individual knights to full scale double page battles, theirs some fantastic imagery here that wouldn’t look at all out of place in a frame on your wall. If lore is more of your thing then you won’t be disappointed. The book goes into great detail explaining the history of the knights, the major households and Freeblades. This is further detailed with a single page dedicated to each of the different classes and variants, giving fantastic examples of how these towering mechanical beasts have fought against a whole range of Xenos and Heretic adversaries.

I mention in the above video about Bretonnian players feeling right at home with this codex thanks to the amount of heraldry on show. This codex inspires you to name your pilots and knights, creating background stories of valiant deeds.

As with all codexes, all of the knights stats are on show with all their various weapon loadouts. Whilst Canis Rex isn’t out yet, his rules are on show so you can plan him into your future forces. Not a fan of named characters but still want his weapon loadouts? No problem, as the Rex kit can instead be built as a Knight Preceptor, giving you the freedom to name your own hero.

Their are no less than 4 pages of stratagems, some being household specific. You also have 4 pages of heirlooms to further customize your knights. Speaking of customization, while not add a Freeblade to your army? If you do, you’ll get to roll on two new charts, Qualities and Burdens. Whilst the qualities stay in play throughout the game you’ll have to take a leadership test to check if your burden comes into play.

To round off the content you’ve got your array of Imperial Knight specific tactical objectives and the points costs for matched play games.

In and all, this book looks like its going to be a whole lot of fun to play with. In fact…we may have a battle report being arranged in the not so distant future featuring Matt’s Knights! Where as the previous Imperial Knight codexes have been good, this 8th Edition one really turns these units from mainly being add-ons for your existing Imperium forces to fielding an army full of them.

The Imperial Knight codex is out now to buy.

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