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Mortarch of Grief Revealed

When Nagash is too busy he has his Mortarchs to lead his armies out into the Mortal Realms. With the new Nighthaunt minis incoming they too needed a Mortarch to command them.

Meet Lady Olynder!

An absolutely fantastic miniature! Unlike the other Mortarchs she doesn’t have a mount, I mean, who needs one when your a flying banshee?

Here is a snippet from Warhammer Community:

In life, Olynder was a plotter and schemer who showed false remorse to improve her standing – now, in death, she is the possessor of a misery so deep and black it projects from her in vast, deadly waves. For most, to face her in battle is to lose hope and accept the inevitability of death – while those few with the will to stand before her are quickly obliterated by her deathly magics, or torn apart by spectral attendants.

We can’t wait to see her rules!

Just the one Nighthaunt hero to be revealed now. Who could it be?!

Soul Wars is up for preorder this Saturday.

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