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Mumak War Leader- New Lord of the Rings kit from Forge World today!

Today’s Forge World kit up for Pre order is something we havnt seen for a long time – a new Lord of the Rings kit! The Mumak War Leader!

The commander of the Mûmak cohort upon the Pelennor, The Mûmak War Leader led the charge of the Mûmakil against the Rohirrim, seeing numerous Riders of Rohan trampled underfoot before meeting his end at the tip of Éomer’s spear.

This kit includes the resin and plastic components you need to assemble a Mûmak War Leader, which comprises a plastic War Mûmak of Harad and a set of resin upgrades which are used to denote its status as a Royal War Mûmak, including 2 War Leader models – 1 riding the howdah, and 1 on foot.

The plastic War Mûmak of Harad is an impressively large model; a war beast which tramples enemies beneath its hooves, breaking through enemy lines while the Haradrim warriors on its back rain deadly arrows down. The model comes with 12 Warriors of Harad (6 with spears and 6 with bows), and a Mûmak Champion.

The resin Mûmak War Leader upgrade set consists of 30 components which replace their equivalent parts on the Mûmak, including 2 replacement tusks, 13 spikes which attach to the tusks, a replacement trunk, and 2 ears. These ears are pierced through with ropes, which the War Leader – who replaces the Mûmak Champion – uses to guide the Royal Mûmak. The War Leader himself comes as 2 separate models – should the Royal Mûmak be slain, the War Leader can carry on on foot, clutching a long-bladed spear which can be treated as either a spear or 2-handed sword. A 25mm round base is included for the War Leader on foot.

Full rules are available here

It is up for pre order today from Forge World for a very reasonable £75! This month they are also offering free shipping on orders over £100!


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