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Adepticon: Knights, Deepkin, Magic and The Return of the Sisters…

Games Workshop promised a heap of awesome announcements at this year’s Adepticon. They have not…disappointed.

A warning for you all, this post will include a lot of images. Some of which may make you shed a tear. Please ensure you are sitting down and are truly ready for what your about to see.

Buckle up, here we go…

Those new Warglaives are cool right? Well, it appears we are getting other load outs for them. And of course, a codex to accompany them, featuring all the rules you’ll need to bring a household to the table top. Pretty cool right?

Oh sorry…one other thing…

It’s like your own mini (well not so mini!) warlord knight to lead your force into battle! He looks…well…amazing!

New Codexes

So we’ve got the new T’au book, with the Necrons up next and then the Dark Eldar.

The preview has laid out the next three:

Harlequin and Deathwatch players rejoice, as your codexes will be out soon along with the aforementioned Imperial Knight book.

We knew this was coming. In fact if it weren’t for the weather we’d have likely seen these at the cancelled Warhammer Age of Sigmar Open Day. But finally, after all the teasing, the Deepkin are here to stare at. And what a glorious sight they are to behold!

Sea creatures! Aelves on giant waves! A big ass TURTLE! Lots of multi-build kits, some excellent looking characters and potentially some new under the sea scenery.

Wow… I mean…well…WOW!

AoS Magic

It appears the main elements of magic are getting minis by this massive purple sun!

A Storm of Magic-esk expansion/book/campaign/thing? Looks like it!

New Death Stuff!

Although we have only just had the release of the Legion of Nagash Battletome, it looks as though more Death stuff is en-route. This is looking like new Nighthaunt stuff, which makes sense by their lack of a real appearance in the Nagash book, and would tie in with the Knight of Shrouds. I couldn’t get any great shots from the preview video, however some folk believe to have spotted a new Black Coach lurking within the teaser video.

Speaking of new Nighthaunts…

New Shadespire Content

We’ve got what would have been believed to be the final two warbands for Shadespire on the way, however GW have confirmed this isn’t the end of the Shadespire content and have teased a couple of new cards:

Readers are suggesting that these are for two new warbands, the first being for Nighthaunts and the second for another Stormcast faction. Could they be Stormcast Mages?!

Warhammer Champions Card Game

Age of Sigmar are getting a new card game (purely cards this time). We shall probably post more on this soon in its own piece, but for now check out the below image:

Independent Event Minis

To help support independent event shows Games Workshop are being new event only minis. They’ve dropped an image of potentially the first one below:

Expect him to arrive pretty soon, but you’ll only be able to grab him from independent events.

Heading back to 40k now with the upcoming Combat Roster. Much like the Warscroll Builder on Warhammer Community, this will allow you to write lists for your games in 40k. It’ll use Power Levels. Fear not, fellow match point players, a separate app is incoming for those who prefer points!

And finally…the BIG one…






12 months of teaser images, peeks at the rules… GW are set to build the hype up over time for the much requested plastic Sisters of Battle.


With work calling I’m going to call this post done, for now.

Hit this link for all of the Games Workshop videos and other news pieces of Adepticon!

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