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Beta Rules and Future FAQs

Yesterday Warhammer Community have announced how the future of FAQs will be published.

To make it nice and clear here is the image explaining the time frame of FAQ updates:

Even more interesting is that Games Workshop have revealed two updated rules for gamers to try out before making them official.

The first revolves around targeting characters:

Second is a change to the psychic phase:

We’ll be giving both of these rules a test in our next few games of 40k. The Smite change could make quite a big difference for armies with a large number of psychers. I’m starting a Tyranid army in the new year and I’d been rubbing my hands together on the amount of Smites I maybe able to cast as I’ll have a lot of psychers.

Will you be trying these new rules? What do you think?

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  1. As a BA player (with many character choices), the targeting rule is rather unfortunate 😅… It looks like I will need to focus more attention on careful unit placement/movement in the future. It makes sense though seeing as many new codexs seem to adding a lot more ‘character’ keywords, especially for the imperium.

    Also, I have noticed a lot more pychic powers being abused lately in certain armies (cough*CHAOS*cough). Smite can be quite powerful so I think the cumulative upkeep to manifest multiple smites is necessary to preserve balance. I can’t even imagine how a Drukari player would feel trying to deal with a barrage of pyschic basically having no defense against it.


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