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Malign Portents: Website Launch

Exciting times!

Following on from image posted on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page yesterday which we posted yesterday Warhammer Community have gone and announced the launch of the official Malign Portents webpage.

Below you’ll find the text to go along with the link to the new campaign’s website.

Something evil is gathering force in the Mortal Realms. For years now, the armies of Order have driven back the forces of Chaos and carved out empires where men, aelves and duardin can live in relative peace.

That age of hope will soon be dead. The signs are everywhere, for those with the talents to see them, and they portend doom. These Malign Portents take many forms, from strange disappearances and haunted dreams to fell lights in the sky and waves of madness sweeping across the lands.

The Malign Portents website is your guide to an unfolding mystery in the Mortal Realms. On it, you’ll find the first of these sinister omens as well as a countdown to… well, you’ll find out. Make sure to keep checking back regularly for more updates as you prepare for this dark new age.

20 days of teasers ahead it is then! The campaign kicks off in January.

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