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Updates! Sly Marbo and Co Confirmed!

Only this morning I posted some rumours on upcoming models. Well Warhammer Community have officially confirmed the following releases. What is even better is that they are all hitting the shelves in December!

Along with the release of the Blood Angel and Dark Angels codexes we are getting a new Lieutenants, one for each chapter. They both look great, particularly for me the Dark Angel one.

It isn’t all about Warhammer 40,000, as the Stormcast are getting a new model to represent the Lord-Celestant. He has a bare head and also includes a shield.


I mentioned earlier about the easy build new Death Guard HQ choice, Lord Felthius and his Cohort, well we now have a much clearer image. He also, isn’t the only one getting the easy build treatment, as we are also getting Flamestorm Gauntlet Aggressors and a Primaris Dreadnought, not to mention the new Plague Hauler.


To finish off the new minis, we of course have the man of the hour. Sly Marbo.


The next issue of White Dwarf will of course be covering all of the above plus much more. It’ll include new cards for Warhammer Quest and rules for allowing you to use Genestealer Cults in Space Hulk.

All this, and my wallet is already aching over the Necromunda release tomorrow, not to mention Christmas being upon us!

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