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Upcoming Preorders

Over on Warhammer Community they have today posted what will be up for preorder next week.

As leaked and mentioned by Matt here on Sprues and Brews you shall be able to preorder the large Battle Forces, with both 40k and Age of Sigmar represented.

These are great value boxes for anyone looking a new year project. The Astra Militarum and the Death Rattle ones being a big temptation for me.

A new varnish is also inbound to help protect your paint jobs. If your as terrible as me for transporting models this could be a god send.

Finally, the big one. Chapter Approved 2017 is also going to be up for preorder. We now know their will be rules for designing your own Land Raiders, which will hopefully allow you to further create vehicles for your own factions too. We’ll probably have updated missions, points costs and further tweaks. If it’s anything like the Generals Handbook, this will be a must buy for all 40k fans.

Don’t forget too, Necromunda is on a two week preorder and is being released on Friday (24th).

So what do you think of this week’s Preorders? Let us know in the comments.

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