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The Sons of Mortarion: Matt’s Death Guard log


So, the time has come again for the annual trip to Warhammer World. Previous years have seen me take The Emperor’s Children for Horus Heresy and Chaos Daemons for Age of Sigmar. I’m no stranger to throwing in my lot with the Dark Gods – and so, as my soul is slowly corrupted by Papa Nurgle’s embrace, I began working on my Death Guard…

The journey began, as it usually does, with a big box of sprues from Games Workshop – As seen in our Dark Imperium unboxing, I quickly took a liking to the Death Guard and with a chaos pact or two (well, trading my Primaris Marines for Jason’s spare Death Guard) I quickly had the core of an Army! Throwing in new units as they have been released have allowed the Army to grow at a fantastic rate, and with only a few weeks left until the entire range is out I’m hoping to have the force done by November!


So what’s done so far you ask? On with the photos!


A Lord of Corruption was needed for putting some threat on anything concerning in the enemies deployment zone –  dropping him within a cheeky charge range seems to make the opponent panic and maybe make a rash mistake!


A Malignant Plaguecaster adds some Psychic muscle and at the very least another source of Smite! Those mortal wounds quickly add up in a Death Guard force!


Death Guard are slow, but the Blightbringer makes it much easier for my Pox Walkers to hit the other side of the board


Pox 2

Speaking of Pox Walkers… I have two squads of 20 in the army, I have found them to be a brilliant tar pit and annoying as hell, especially as their numbers start growing once they are chomping down on the warm flesh on my opponent’s infantry!


If you are taking Pox Walkers then you might as well take the chap who buffs them to S and T 4! Typhus was the first model I painted for the army and he pretty much acted as my test scheme (after stealing the studio recipe off the ‘Eavy Metal guys off twitter as a starting point – Thanks chaps!) The new Plastic Typhus is currently on route to me through the warp, so this model might be demoted to a Lord of Contagion!


Next up is a squad of Plague Marines – 7 of them (May as well go with Nurgle’s number!) Including Plasma and blight launcher, with another Plasma and Powerfist on the Champion


For air support we have a pair of Bloat Drones – very tempted to add one of the new variants, but i find this loadout super effective at advancing up the table and splatting targets with their icky plague guns!


For Anti tank I have the Hellbrute painted up – now have to be honest, this guy may be benched in favour of another Plagueburst Crawler – but I like this model, so rule of cool might win out!


That leaves the final painted (well very nearly finished!) model – Mortarion himself! This guy is a nightmare to face on the table, and is such an amazing model I just had to include him!

So what’s left to go? Well, On the way to me are a unit of Deathshroud, the Tallyman, a Plague Surgeon and a Plagueburst Crawler – and hopefully the Blight-Hauler isnt too far behind! That gives me 2499 points of stuff, though might tweak here and there after I see how they perform!

The models have been great fun to paint, and I tend to write lists for fun rather than anything too over the top, but they have done well in the games we have had so far!

Here’s the list I am taking so far:

Lord of War: Mortation

HQ: Lord of contagion

HQ: Malignant Plaguecaster

HQ: Typhus

Troops: 20 Pox Walkers

Troops: 20 Pox Walkers

Troops: 7 Plague Marines, Plasma, Blight Launcher, Plas and Fist on Champ

Elite: 3 Deathshroud

Elite: Hellbrute (Melta, Fist)

Elite: Noxious Blightbringer

Elite: Plague Surgeon

Elite: Tallyman

Fast: Foetid Bloat Drone (Plaguespitters)

Fast: Foetid Bloat Drone (Plaguespitters)

Fast: Myphtic Blight Hauler

Heavy: Plagueburst Crawler (Entropy and heavy slugger)


7 Command Points


Keep an eye on YouTube where we will be starting to run some battle reports with these armies as we approach December and the mini Campaign!


Until next time, Nurgle’s blessings be with you!


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