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Rumour Engine Solved?

Another week, another Rumour Engine – but this time it looks like we may have an answer, and the clue is buried in the past in the form of the Battle for Macragge boxed game!

298749_md-Aquilla, Battle For Macragge, Lander, Reassembled Aquila, Shuttle, Terrain

The starter set came with some scenery pieces including an Aquila Lander, a suitably Imperial looking flyer that wouldn’t look out of place alongside Imperial Agents and talons of the Emperor.


Where the story gets interesting is the fact that the scenery piece also included a removable “Fusion Core” that served as an objective to one of the missions – a core that bears quite a resemblance to this weeks rumour!

So is this a re-imagining of these scenery pieces, or perhaps a release of this iconic flyer? With last weeks “Eagle” I’d be included to think that maybe we will be seeing some new additions to the armoury of Mankind!

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