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Hobby Goals April Update 2023

April has come and gone which is very scary, I feel like I say that every update with that said this month has been a month of relaxed hobbying with me painting some models that have been sat on my hobby desk for a while. Below you can see my progress of my hobby goals this year and sadly I have not completed a goal in April but I have made progress overall.

April was a busy month hobby wise I started the month painting some Blades of Khorne models for the Age of Sigmar Chaos Unleashed event that I attended on the 15th and 16th of April, I have always wanted to paint a Bloodthirster and this event gave me the motivation to get one painted along with my first Bloodmaster (Herald) which I can also use in my Chaos Daemons army for 40k, these models did however take up the first two weeks of Aprils hobbying.

Once the Chaos Unleashed event was out of the way I quickly jumped into the Chaos Legionnaires for the Warcry Rumble event I was taking part in for Warhammer Fest which again these models have been sat on my painting desk for what feels like a year so it was great to get them finished. They were also one of my hobby goals from March’s hobby update.

Thankfully I finished the Chaos Legionnaires with a couple of days to go before Warhammer Fest so I managed to get another model done this time for Marvel Crisis Protocol, Crossbones ! While one of my hobby goals from March’s update was to paint 3 heroes and I only managed to get one done I am super happy with how he turned out and this took the total number of painted models to 39 for the year so far.

I have to admit Crossbones is not my favourite Marvel character but he was fun to paint, I added some browns to the leather to make them stand out a bit more as I wanted to break up the black a little bit.

So I was able to do 1.5 of my hobby goals I set myself last month I sadly did not get a chance to do any Horus Heresy this month which I keep wanting to do but don’t seem to get to.

So each month I make some goals for the next month and with April out of the way it’s time to set some goals for May.

  • Paint 2 Marvel Crisis Protocol Models.
  • Start reading a Black Library novel.
  • Build a Horus Heresy squad of at least 5 models.

All of these are achievable … did I just jinx it … maybe lets see how I get on next month.

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