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Hobby Resolutions December 2022 Update and End of Year Review

2022 has been an interesting year for my hobby resolutions, I set myself the biggest list of resolutions ever but to offset the quantity I made them fairly easy to do. At the beginning of the year I talked about how I got on in 2021 and what I liked about doing my hobby resolutions while also talking about the things I wanted to do differently this year, now with 2022 out of the way I wanted to do this update as more of a review of the year.

My hobby resolutions are a way for me to enjoy my hobby pure and simple, a couple of years ago I tried very hard to play competitively at tournaments and after a while I found that it just wasn’t how I wanted to hobby plus I wasn’t very good and found myself losing my enjoyment and becoming frustrated with the hobby; and so the hobby resolution list was born and has grown from strength to strength over the years. 2021 ended and I found that I had stopped doing my hobby resolutions half way through the year because I didn’t want to force myself to hobby to do just my resolutions but for fun and those resolutions were too specific, 2022’s hobby resolutions I wanted to be easier so that I could do them over the course of the year and not, in theory loose motivation.

Which overall I am happy to say I didn’t do for the most part, the resolutions I picked were all achievable and were left open so that I wouldn’t get stuck painting one specific faction of models with one exception which you can see below…….. painting the Dominion box.

At the end of 2022 I achieved 19/28 resolutions which I am happy with but like I said at the beginning of this article I felt like they were all achievable and now in reflection seeing the number of completed resolutions versus the total feels a bit disappointing and that goes against why I started doing these resolutions in the first place. With that said I am super happy with what I have been able to do and I have found that it was very enjoyable writing these articles / updates each month so I am going to do it again in 2023.

Speaking of which I was able to paint up 2 more plague marines and 2 more pox walkers which rounded out my kill team from last month into useable squads in 40k unfortunately that wasn’t enough to bring the total of Warhammer 40k chaos to over 2,000 points but more painted models is always a win.

The resolutions that I wasn’t able to do I feel was simply because it did force me to paint certain models which with all the new releases coming out just got lost in the void, painting the dominion box was achievable but since I did not do a stormcast or kruleboyz army those models were never really on my paint desk and the play 3 games from a campaign book I did have plans to do some middle earth scenarios either from the campaign books or my own home made ones  but again I just didn’t get time to do these with painting models for events or losing some motivation towards the end of the year a bit.

Going into 2023 I want to do one thing in particular with my hobby resolutions and that is not get bogged down in new projects or focus too specifically on painting certain armies, my pile of potential has grown a bit too much in the last few months and I want to get as much of that built and painted by this time next year as I can, so most of my hobby purchases for 2023 will be finish of or add to projects I already have. This will hopefully give me the time to paint the occasional thing for reviews but also paint models for fun again without any time constraints, I have fallen for warcry over the last few months but just haven’t had the time to paint up any of the warbands, the Jade Obelisks look amazing and will be hitting my painting table soon.

Going into the new year with a new set of resolutions or for ease of writing goals !!! I have as you can see taken out the hobbying and podcast sections ( leaving the goals for the podcast in but taking my personal podcast ones out). I’ve taken the hobbying section out because most of the goals I was setting were more linked to painting or gaming and I just couldn’t bring myself to put covert a model on there again as I don’t really convert at all so I just took the hobbying section out and merged it with the others, I took out my specific podcast goals as I just wanted to focus on the ones between me and my fellow co – hosts.

I have tried to make the goals more open so I am not ” forced ” to paint anything too specific this year and while there are ones that are specific, like play a game of Horus Heresy 3,000 points or read the Hobbit book ( I know…. a guilty secret ) these are ones that I really want to do and not just because they are on the list. I have also tried to keep the list smaller and more manageable this time with the inclusion of painting and playing non Games Workshop games to add some variety.

With all that said lets see what I can do in 2023 !!!

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