The Defense of Moloch [8th Edition Project Log]

Welcome to our 8th edition project log, The Defense of Moloch.

Moloch, what a desolate place. On the outskirts of the Baal system lies this damned place, choked with pollution and the life destroying industry of the Mechanicus, Moloch was previously an unimportant world producing ammunition and tank tracks for the Blood Angels chapter. Then came the great devourer… Worlds fell and countless lives lost as the hive fleet pushed towards Baal leaving Moloch as a key source of resources for the chapter. As darkness falls on Ball, Moloch faces it’s own dangers as forces that have long regarded the system start to manoeuvre into place…

This page will be update as the campaign/painting log progresses…

Dave’s Tyranids

Matt’s Death Guard

Jason’s Blood Angels

Mike’s Orks

Lee’s Chaos