Shadespire: Fyreslayers Sneak Peek

We’ve seen the Skaven warband which is on its way for Shadespire, however we haven’t seen any of the Fyreslayer models that will feature in their warband. Until now… Spotted […]

The Shadow Queen Is Coming!

Another week, another huge teaser from Games Workshop. Check out the video below! So it looks as though the rumours are true, Morathi is coming to the Mortal Realms, and […]

Vermintide 2: Beta Sign Up Is Live!

Here at Sprues & Brews we did enjoy a bit of Vermintide, designed by Fatshark and based on the classic Warhammer Fantasy universe of old. Together with up to three […]

Forge World: Two Primarchs for 2018

So, fresh from the Forge World chat on today’s Warhammer TV stream it appears at least two Primarchs will be released for the Horus Heresy game system. One of the […]

Beta Rules and Future FAQs

Yesterday Warhammer Community have announced how the future of FAQs will be published. To make it nice and clear here is the image explaining the time frame of FAQ updates:

Open Day Tickets: On Sale Now!

Want to kick off your hobby in the new year in style? Tickets are now on sale for the Warhammer World Open Day on Saturday the 6th of January. Tickets […]