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Seraphon Range Unboxing – Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Following hot on the heels of the Seraphon Army Set, the rest of the range appears out of the jungle today as the entire army and all the new models go up for pre order alongside their awesome new Battletome! Today on the site we’re taking a look at the new models as we unbox them all, check out the kits and paint them up to add to our collection!

Massive thanks to Games Workshop for sending us over free review copies to check out on the site! If you would like to support the site then why not order your copy through our affiliate Element Games and save yourself 20% too?

We’ve also filmed a full unboxing video to go alongside this article which you can see just below or over on YouTube

So let’s take a look at all the new kits and see what they look like!

Skink Starseer

First up we have the new Skink Starseer, a new plastic replacement for the classic resin model, and a worthy successor! The kit actually has quite a few customisable options from the skink itself (Leaving you a spare Skink on foot to potentially base by himself to use as a Starpriest)

There’s a lot of really nice detail here, and you could go to town making this thing look overgrown by adding more vines and flock to really give the impression that this has been deep in a jungle for hundreds of years

It’s easy enough to leave the Skink separate to make it more manageable to paint too, which is a great touch!

Saurus Astrolith Bearer

Another model making the transition from resin to plastic is the Astrolith Bearer, and again its a great kit. From a rules point of view this is a unit you’ll want to bring along to your games, so it’s great that the model is so pretty you’ll want to bring it anyway

There’s more I want to go back and add to this one such as highlight him up some more and paint the various gems and glowing orbs, but this is a nice chunky model that looks great on the battlefield and is really fun to paint up too!

Spawn of Chotec

Next up we have the Spawn of Chotec, which is the spiritual successor of the Salamander. What I love about this model is that they seem to have gone back to the classic “Dimetrodon” vibe of the original Lizardmen model, and something about this really screams out to my inner dinosaur obsessed child!

Again this is a really fun kit to paint up, and gives lots of opportunity to go crazy with colour! Particular shout out to the crew who are all really characterful and give you some variety in textures to paint. I’m not feeling my scheme 100% here and want to go back and tweak it, highlight up and finish off, but happy for a starting point!

Saurus Scar-Veteran on Aggradon

How we get to one of my favourite kits in this wave, the Aggradon mounted Scar Veteran! This is a really nice kit with a couple of different weapon options and a choice of 3 heads – also keep an eye out, while the instructions get you to glue him to the mount, if you build him seperatly you can actually get him to twist onto the model by sliding his tale through this seat and turning him as you push – this lets you more easily paint him unattached the dino!

This was another really fun kit to paint up, and the textured skin of the dinosaur makes it really easy to use a combination of contrast and drybrushing in order to get him quickly for the battlefield in no time at all!

Aggradon Lancers

Charging alongside him are the Aggradon Lancers, who are essentially the replacement to Cold One Cav in the new book – these models are a lot bigger and have piles more personality, though I know some people will be disappointed the old models are no longer part of the army list. Like with the Veteran, these guys have weapon options and a number of different heads in order to make every unit different – The Aggradons themselves also have some options as any head and tail will fit on any body

The riders actually plug into the top of the Aggradons, so as such don’t need gluing, which makes it easier to store these and also means you can remove the rider for painting to make it easier to do things such as drybrush the scales. I really like these models and would love to do a full army of them, as I think that would look ace on the tabletop!


Finally we get the new Kroxigor kit, this actually builds an additional unit “Kroxigor Warspawned” and the build between the two of them is actually quite different giving each of them a unique look if you have multiple units of Krox on the table

On top of the two different units you can make out of the box, you also have a couple of different parts you can choose from when building your minis, in particular the tails. For our Warspawned we decided to go with the ones that more suited them.

They were a breeze to put together, with zero difficulty in placing any of the parts together. Because they are nice big models, with plenty of space to get to the skin and scales they make really nice models to paint first to nail your scheme too!

The entire Seraphon range and Battletome is up for pre order today and is released Saturday 3rd June. We recently reviewed the new Battletome – check it out here!

Games Workshop provided Sprues & Brews with free copies for review purposes.

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