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Farewell to Gally Champs: Battle of the Blogs

Article Cover Image provided by Woehammer!

With a new Generals Handbook on the horizon, we were approached by Peter (@PlasticCraic) to take part in the ultimate Warhammer herohammer tournament featuring popular bloggers (No Rerolls, AOS Shorts, Goonhammer and Woehammer).

All we had to do was pick a hero each (who had to fit all the current requirements to be a Galletian Champion), kit them out, and submit them to PlasticCraic & AoS_Pete.

They’ll then be drawn out of a hat and pitted against other submitted heroes on Tabletop Simulator (TTS) until a hero is crowned!

You can watch all the action over on Twitch! The first draw is taking place on AoS_Pete’s Twitch channel at 11am today!

You can read more about the tournament here.

Let’s check out who the team picked!


Gorefang da Destroya (Orruk Megaboss)

Command Trait: Hulking Brute
Artefact: Armour of Gork
Galletian Champ Enhancement: Fueled by Ghurish Rage

Gorefang da Destroya was born in the Ironjawz tribe in the Realm of Beasts. From a young age, he was bigger and stronger than his peers, and he quickly rose through the ranks of the tribe’s warriors. Even as a youth, he was known for his ferocity and unbreakable will.

When Gorefang came of age, he embarked on a series of brutal campaigns across the Realm of Beasts. He led his Ironjawz into battle against all manner of foes, including savage Beastmen, cunning Seraphon, and the treacherous Skaven. In each battle, Gorefang emerged victorious, his weapons stained with the blood of his enemies.

As Gorefang’s legend grew, so too did his ambitions. He began to dream of leading an army of Orruks that would conquer all of Ghur and beyond. To achieve this goal, he knew he needed more power and more followers. And so, he set his sights on a new challenge: to become the greatest Megaboss in all of the Realms.

Gorefang knew that to achieve this feat, he would have to defeat the strongest and most cunning opponents in the Realms. He began to seek out worthy adversaries, challenging them to battle and crushing them with his overwhelming strength.

Finally, Gorefang heard of the herohammer tournament taking place in Ghur. He saw it as the perfect opportunity to prove his worth and demonstrate his power to the Orruk tribes across the Realm of Beasts.

And so, Gorefang da Destroya set out for Ghur, ready to face any opponent who dared to stand in his way.

[All this Orruk wants to do is scrap! Nothing will get in his way…but the massive armour he is wearing may slow him down as it reduces all movement by 2″, but does at least give him a 6up ward!]


Lustrax the Depraved (Lord of Pain)

 – Command Traits: Speed-chaser

 – Artefacts of Power: Threnody Voicebox

 – Aspects of the Champion:  Fuelled by Ghurish Rage

Lustrax was hand-picked by Glutos, the Lord of Gluttony himself, to lead the Godseekers in their search for new and innovative ways to inflict pain on their victims. Lustrax was born into the Godseekers, a sect of Slaanesh devoted to the pursuit of pleasure through pain. From a young age, he showed an aptitude for inflicting agony on others, and quickly rose through the ranks of the Godseekers.

As Lustrax grew in power and influence, he became obsessed with finding the ultimate ways of maintaining pain in a living victim. He experimented with a wide variety of techniques, ranging from elaborate physical tortures to psychological manipulation, always seeking to push the boundaries of what was possible. He took pleasure in the screams and pleas of his victims, relishing the power he held over them.

When Glutos took notice of Lustrax’s talents, he saw in him a kindred spirit, someone who shared his love of excess and indulgence. Glutos recognized Lustrax’s potential and offered him the position of Grand Sin Master, entrusting him with the task of leading the Godseekers in their quest for new and twisted ways to satisfy their desires.

Now, as Lustrax takes part in the herohammer event in Ghur, he sees it as an opportunity to further his research into the nature of pain. He believes that the beasts and creatures of the realm offer a unique opportunity to study the effects of pain on different species, and he is eager to explore this new avenue of research. With his razor-sharp claws and his mastery of dark magic, Lustrax is a fearsome opponent, and few are able to stand against him and live to tell the tale.

With the Godseekers aloegence ability he can reroll charges, maximising the number of Mortal wounds he can cause on the charge with his speed chaser trait. When the enemy swings back he can pop the voice box to limit the number of incoming attacks


Ynrath the Hangman (Isharann Soulrender)

– Command Traits: Hunter of Souls

 – Artefacts of Power: Brain Barnacles

 – Aspects of the Champion:  Fuelled by Ghurish Rage

Ynrath was born into the Dhom-Hain enclave of the Idoneth Deepkin, a clan of fierce warriors who were feared and respected throughout the realms. From a young age, Ynrath showed an aptitude for hunting and killing, and he was trained as a Soulrender, one of the elite warriors of the Dhom-Hain.

Ynrath quickly gained a reputation as a ruthless and efficient killer. He was particularly skilled at capturing and binding the souls of his enemies, using his powerful voice to shatter their wills and leave them vulnerable to attack.

However, Ynrath’s methods were not always well-received by his fellow Deepkin. Many saw his penchant for torture and cruelty as a betrayal of the Enclave’s principles of honor and dignity. Nevertheless, Ynrath continued to serve the Dhom-Hain with unwavering loyalty, believing that his methods were necessary to ensure the survival of his people.

Now, in the realm of Ghur, Ynrath has been tasked with leading a small force of Dhom-Hain warriors on a perilous mission. They must traverse the treacherous landscape of the realm and retrieve a powerful relic that has been lost for centuries. Ynrath sees this as an opportunity to prove his worth to his Enclave and cement his place as one of their most feared and respected warriors. But the dangers that await them in Ghur may prove to be more than even Ynrath can handle.

With his hangman’s knot ability, once per game he gets the opportunity to roll 2d6, and if he beats the wounds characteristic of his target then they are slain

His brain barnacles are used at the first opportunity to reduce the hit and wound of his opponent by one, and his Hunter of Souls trait causes d3 mortal wounds at the start of each combat phase on a 3+


Maggotmaw the Foul (Lord of Plagues)

Command Trait: Grandfather’s Blessing

Artefact: The Plaguebringer

Galletian Champ Enchancement: Fueled by Ghurish Rage

Maggotmaw was once a mortal warrior who lived in the wilderness of Ghur. He was a skilled hunter, but his obsession with the thrill of the hunt eventually led him down a dark path. In his pursuit of ever-greater challenges, he began to stalk and kill the beasts of the realm, not out of necessity, but for sport.

One day, as he was stalking a massive thunderbeast, Maggotmaw stumbled upon a group of Nurgle’s followers. They were performing a dark ritual, calling out to the Plague God to grant them power. Maggotmaw, sensing an opportunity for even greater challenges, offered to join their ranks.

Nurgle, pleased with Maggotmaw’s willingness to embrace the decay and corruption of his realm, granted him his wish. He transformed Maggotmaw into a monstrous figure, covered in sores and oozing with disease. His once-human form was twisted and warped, and his mind was filled with a newfound reverence for Nurgle and his gifts.

Now, as Maggotmaw the Foul, he roams the wilderness of Ghur, spreading disease and decay wherever he goes. He sees himself as a hunter of a different sort, stalking the strongest and most powerful warriors in the realm and infecting them with Nurgle’s Rot. With his trusty Plaguebringer scythe in hand, he is a force to be reckoned with, and few can stand against him and live to tell the tale.

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