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Next Week’s Preorders! The Lion Retuns! Dante! New Boarding Patrols! New Plastic Heresy Tanks!

Everything below is up for preorder next weekend. Preorder through our Element Games links to save money and help us out!

Some amazing minis up for preorder next week, headlined by a Loyalist Primarch, the Lion!

Dante finally gets a new mini, and you’ll be able to get Vashtorr and Azrael for the first time outside of a Battlebox.

40k 600Wide LOGO

The Lion & Retinue

The Lion has risen from his 10,000-year slumber, and he’s wasting no time putting traitors to the sword. The Primarch of the Dark Angels is a monstrously powerful duelist and indomitable battlefield leader, armed with the Emperor’s own shield and a massive power sword named Fealty. Your first chance to get him is in this celebratory launch set.*

SundayPreview Apr9 40k 02 Lion

Alongside Lion El’Jonson you’ll get three elite Bladeguard Veterans – the perfect retinue for such a close combat powerhouse – a packed Dark Angels transfer sheet, and two beautiful prints depicting key art from Arks of Omen: The Lion.

Arks of Omen: The Lion

The Arks of Omen saga finally comes to a close in Arks of Omen: The Lion, as Vashtorr the Arkifane assembles his Key-fragments and begins a ritual of cataclysmic proportions. The Dark Angels are hot on his heels, hungry for vengeance for the assault on the Rock, but even they can’t predict what they’ll find when information extracted from a traitor leads to the far reaches of the galaxy.

SundayPreview Apr9 40k 01 ArksLion

What we do know is this – before the end, a Primarch will return to lead his sons against the overwhelming Chaos horde. Lion El’Jonson walks the galaxy again, and an epic duel with his brother Angron beckons.

In addition to concluding the latest narrative arc for Warhammer 40,000, Arks of Omen: The Lion contains expanded rules for Boarding Actions. On top of extra faction rules for the Leagues of Votann, Thousand Sons, Imperial Agents, and Adeptus Custodes, there’s a suite of diverse Dread Encounter missions to add scenarios that tear the battlefield itself apart and suck walls and doorways into the warp, while 12 Breaching Operation missions let you smash straight through solid walls and leave diabolical traps for your foes.

Supreme Grand Master Azrael

SundayPreview Apr9 40k 03 Azrael

Fresh from his battle with Vashtorr, Supreme Grand Master Azrael gets a standalone release just in time to lead the charge into the Arkifane’s lair. He’s an imposing miniature merging new Primaris style with plenty of classic details, from his back banner to the ornate Lion Helm.

Commander Dante

SundayPreview Apr9 40k 04 Dante

Azrael isn’t the only Chapter Master given the Primaris treatment – Commander Dante has barely tied a bow on the apocalyptic invasion of Baal and he’s already off finding more enemies of the Imperium to destroy. Someone really needs to give the guy a holiday.

Vashtorr the Arkifane

SundayPreview Apr9 40k 05 Vashtorr

He’s had a few setbacks, but the time for Vashtorr to enact his grand plan is nigh. There are still a few things left to do on the battlefield though, so the Arkifane takes to the field for his own standalone release, ready to lead his cult in person

Arks of Omen: Sanguinary Guard Dice Set

SundayPreview Apr9 40k 06 SanguinaryDice

The Sanguinary Guard are an awe-inspiring sight, decked out in gleaming gold armour and descending on pearl-white wings like true angels of death. This pack of 15 metallic gold dice are an equal match to their splendour, featuring royal red pips and the icon of their Chapter on the 6 face.

Boarding Patrol: Leagues of Votann

SundayPreview Apr9 40k 07 LoVBoarding

The Leagues of Votann have unparalleled expertise in salvaging space hulks, and their Boarding Patrol is packed with durable fighters who love a close-quarters scrap. An Einhyr Champion leads five Einhyr Hearthguard as the patrol’s immovable core, while five Cthonian Beserks and 10 Hearthkyn Warriors spread out to secure objectives all over the ship.

Boarding Patrol: Agents of the Imperium

SundayPreview Apr9 40k 08 ImperialAgentsBoarding

The crews of Imperial Navy vessels are the first line of defence in brutal boarding actions, and teams of Breachers punch far above their weight in close confines. This Boarding Patrol, perhaps representing a Rogue Trader’s own combat team, consists entirely of Agents of the Imperium units usually restricted to a supporting role. 10 Elucidean Starstriders and 20 Imperial Navy Breachers make it a numerous and capable force, and there’s also an Eversor Assassin joining them – clearly, somebody important is on the other side of the bulkhead…

Made to Order: Drukhari

Strange creatures and alien mercenaries are commonplace in Commorragh, and many end up in the courts of Archons, where their exotic abilities are highly prized. Others find themselves under the yoke of a Beastmaster, or twisted by the insane experiments of the Haemonculi – and now a grand selection of these unfortunates return next week on a Made to Order basis. 

These resin kits will be available to order for nine days, between the 15th of April and 8am UK-time on the 24th of April – and they can take up to 180 days to arrive.

SundayPreview Apr9 40k Drukhari MTO1
SundayPreview Apr9 40k Drukhari MTO2
SundayPreview Apr9 40k Drukhari MTO3
SundayPreview Apr9 40k Drukhari MTO4
SundayPreview Apr9 40k Drukhari MTO5
SundayPreview Apr9 40k Drukhari MTO6
SundayPreview Apr9 40k Drukhari MTO7
SundayPreview Apr9 40k Drukhari MTO8
SundayPreview Apr9 40k Drukhari MTO9
SundayPreview Apr9 40k Drukhari MTO10
SundayPreview Apr9 40k Drukhari MTO11

Beastmasters, Clawed Fiends, Grotesques, Mandrakes, Razorwing Flocks, Khymerae, Lhameans, Medusae, Sslyth, Ur-Ghuls, and even the Master Haemonculus Urien Rakarth himself will all be available to order this Saturday. Don’t miss your chance to add these sought-after miniatures to your Drukhari collection. 

HorusHeresy2022 Black 600Wide LOGO

Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer

SundayPreview Apr9 HH 01 Cerberus

The massive Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer is an armoured beast, mounting a triple-barrelled neutron laser battery onto a rugged Spartan hull to create a devastatingly focused anti-tank weapon. It can detonate tanks in a single blast while shrugging off return fire like it’s nothing – everything you want in a Lord of War.

Sicaran Venator Tank Hunter

SundayPreview Apr9 HH 02 SicaranVentor

If you prefer your anti-tank options a little more discrete, the Sicaran Venator trades mass for speedand can wind its way around enemy flanks before lancing neutron beam laser blasts right through the sides of opposing tanks. 

BloodBowl 600Wide LOGO

Cindy Piewhistle & Puggy Baconbreath

SundayPreview Apr9 BB Puggy Cindy

Halflings don’t make natural Blood Bowl players, but with enough gumption and a good lunch even the shortest soul can rise to league stardom. Take Cindy Piewhistle for example – once a master baker, now a Star Player who weaponises her delicious wares, while Puggy Baconbreath is an elite athlete by usual halfling standards, with the skill and discipline of a champion twice his size.

This twin-pack of resin Star Players from Forge World can be used in Halfling Thimble Cup or Old World Classic teams

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