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Next Week’s Preorders: Cursed City Expansions & Heresy Upgrades go Made to Order

All of the following are up for preorder next week, and are made to order which means you’ll have a limited time to order!

Warhammer Community had all the details which are below:

WHQ CursedCity 600Wide LOGO

Warhammer Quest: Cursed City and Nightwars and Nemesis Made to Order

SundayPreview Dec11 Content5 CC Night
SundayPreview Dec11 CC Nem

The Cursed City expansions sold out much faster than expected, and we didn’t want to deprive our heroes of the chance to purge Ulfenkarn of the Soulblight menace once and for all.

Cursed City: Nightwars and Cursed City: Nemesis are being resurrected on a Made to Order basis this month – returning to life between the 17th and the 27th of December only. There’s no limit on how many are available, but the order window will slam shut at 8am GMT on Tuesday the 27th of December – so get your orders in before.

Please note that customers in Japan will get their own Made to Order opportunity a little later than the rest of the world, because Nemesis is launching there next year.

SundayPreview Dec11 CC Art

Both sets magnify the Cursed City experience with fresh quests, loot, villains, encounters, tokens, and surprises. They do not contain any miniatures, but the quests are modular so you can buy each villain in turn as you seek to end their sordid unlife once and for all. To play Nemesis you’ll require a copy of Nightwars, but not vice versa.

These Made To Order products will be available in English-language versions only.

HorusHeresy2022 Black 600Wide LOGO

Treat your Ultramarines and Thousand Sons to some resin accessories this Christmas.

All of these products will be available on a Made to Order basis from 10am local time on Friday the 16th of December, until 8am GMT on Monday the 26th of December.

Ultramarines MKIII Shoulder Pads

SundayPreview Dec11 Content1

The Ultramarines are known for their ability to enact slick strategic manoeuvres that make the heads of other Legion captains spin – like making use of heavier MKIII armour in city fights. Give your Space Marines that Ultramar flair with these moulded pads.

Ultramarines MKIV Torsos

SundayPreview Dec11 Content2

Scatter some of these Ultramarine MKIV torsos throughout your Tactical Squads to add some spice from the Five Hundred Worlds. The unique armour configuration over the power cables gives way to sculpted Legion motifs.

Ultramarines Veteran Helmets and MKIII Veteran Torsos

SundayPreview Dec11 Content3

It’s no surprise that the Guilliman’s Legion is governed by regulations, codes, and hierarchies. Adherence to this rigid framework and exceptional battlefield performance sees chosen Space Marines tipped for greatness and inducted into elite Invictiarii.

You can represent those who have had the nod with veteran torsos, featuring armour plating and symbols of Macragge and the Imperium.

SundayPreview Dec11 Content4

Equip these crack Ultramarines with helmets that include crests and eagle face plates – just to make sure their lofty status is clearly understood.

Thousand Sons MKIII Shoulder Pads

SundayPreview Dec11 Content5

The Thousand Sons are adept psykers, and Prospero is united in pursuing higher planes of thinking. But even the best spells are no substitute for thick slabs of ceramite armour, so outfit your Prosperian shock troops with these MKIII Shoulder Pads.

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