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Next Weeks Preorders: Cadia Stands!!

All of the below is up for preorder next weekend. Preorder via one of our Element Games links to save money and help us out!

Update! Cadia Stands is now up for preorder. Our review is now live!

CADIA STANDS! The revamped Guard are on their way, starting with the Astra Militarum Army Box!

Thanks to Warhammer Community for the below info:

40k 600Wide LOGO

Cadia Stands: Astra Militarum Army Set

SundayPreview Nov6 CIT AMLead

Prove that Cadia still stands as you start a new Astra Militarum force with this army set – which contains 28 completely new miniatures. It includes 20 Cadian Shock Troops, a five-man Cadian Command Squad, a Sentinel with Armoured and Scout Sentinel configurations, and two Field Ordnance Teams – the vanguard of a revamped Astra Militarum range.

The box also includes an exclusive copy of the new Codex: Astra Militarum with a soft-touch cover starring Lord Solar Leontus, as well as 63 datacards to keep track of your Strategems, psychic powers, and Regimental Orders. Absolutely everything contained within is currently only available in this set – and won’t be sold separately until next year.

The army set has a 13-day pre-order window, meaning that it hits shelves on Black Friday – something for you to be really thankful for.*

Ork Goff Rocker

SundayPreview Nov6 CIT GoffRocker

Celebrate the festive season and get rockin’ with this year’s Christmas miniature – the Goff Rocker. Based on a classic trio of models from years gone by, this characterful miniature is ideal as a display or narrative piece. He’ll be getting his own mini-games in our Christmas brochure, so you can even use him on the tabletop!

The Goff Rocker is available for pre-order from Saturday and will be on the shelf from the following Saturday. Anyone who orders him before New years Eve will be guaranteed to receive one.

Warhammer Fest

WC Fest image1

Friday is the day that tickets for Warhammer Fest 2023 go on sale! We’re heading to Manchester in April 2023 for three days packed with Warhammer fun and we’d love to see you there! 

Tickets will be on sale on Friday 11th of November at 3pm GMT, and you can find more information here on Warhammer Community.

Doom Scythe Squadron

SundayPreview Nov6 FW

The Doom Scythe and Night Scythe kits are getting repacked into a single set that can make both of these deadly Necron flying machines. The Night Scythe has transport capacity, giving you the edge in missions where you need to land troops, while the Doom Scythe sacrifices its built-in wormhole for a heavy death ray, which isn’t just a friendly name for a gun.

Rules for fielding Doom Scythes and Night Scythes can be found in the Aeronautica Imperialis Companion. This resin kit will be available to pre-order from Friday. Sign up for the Forge World newsletter to keep up to date with all of the latest releases.

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