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Next Week’s Preoders! Kill Team heads to a Space Hulk!

All of the following are up for preorder next week. Make sure you preorder through one of our affiliate Element Games links to helps us out, and of course save yourself some cash!

All of the below is courtesy of Warhammer Community, who have just revealed what is up for preorder next week. Headlining the new releases is Into The Dark, the latest box for Warhammer 40,000. I for one, will be picking this up soon along with the Starstriders who I missed out on last time!

KillTeam 600Wide copy LOGO

Kill Team: Into the Dark

SundayPreview Aug28 IntoDark

The new season of Kill Team kicks off with the Into the Dark boxed set as we explore the claustrophobic confines of the space hulk Gallowdark. This setting adds a new tactical dimension to your games as you and your opponent try and claim the advantage in brutal close-quarters fighting.

The box includes two brand new kill teams in the form of the Imperial Navy Breachers and the Kroot Farstalker Kinband. The former rely on brute force, clearing rooms with their shotguns, while the latter are more like a scalpel, clinically hunting their enemies and picking them off with surgical precision. The box contains 10 Breachers plus their two robotic companions, the C.A.T. and the Gheistskull, and 10 Kroot mercenaries with two loyal Kroot Hounds.

SundayPreview Aug28 IntoDarkTeam1
SundayPreview Aug28 IntoDarkTeam2

There’s also some incredible new terrain, recreating the layout of a space hulk on the tabletop in innumerable ways. As the season progresses, you’ll be able to add more walls, pillars, and hatchways, giving you a magnificent terrain collection that will be large enough for Warhammer 40,000 games.

SundayPreview Aug28 IntoDarkTerrain

The box includes everything you need to play Kill Team, including a copy of the full Core Book and the Into the Dark book, which contains rules for the new kill teams and terrain. You also get a token sheet, two sets of tactical ops cards, three combat gauges, six barricades, and 10 six-sided dice.

SundayPreview Aug28 IntoDarkBoards

If you pre-order your copy of Kill Team: Into the Dark from the Games Workshop webstore, you’ll get this exclusive tin for your Kill Team tokens. Act fast, though, as it’s only available while stocks last.

SundayPreview Aug28 IntoDarkTin

This is just the beginning of a new season of Kill Team – there’s loads more to come in the short and medium term.

Elucidian Starstriders

SundayPreview Aug28 RogueTraders

First seen in the Kill Team: Rogue Trader boxed set, the Elucidian Starstiders are available separately for the first time. The set comprises a Rogue Trader, a Death Cult Executioner, a Rejuvenant Adept, a Lectro-Maester, a Voidmaster, four Voidsmen, and Canid. The Death Cult Executioner is more than a match for any other operative in melee, while you can lay down covering fire with your rotor cannon and Elucia Vhane’s esoteric weaponry.

Gellerpox Infected

SundayPreview Aug28 Gellerpox

Also escaping from the same boxed set are the Gellerpox Infected, a kill team made up of techno-organic mutants and daemons. Overwhelm your opponents with Eyestinger Swarms, Glitchlings, Sludge-Grubs, and Cursemites before finishing them off with your Fleshscreamer, Bloatspawn, and Lamberghast.

Kill Team Annual 2022

SundayPreview Aug28 KTAnnual

The rules for both of these kill teams can be found in the Kill Team Annual. It also includes rules first found in White Dwarf, including those to field a Warpcoven, Hunter Clade, Wyrmblade, and Void-dancer kill teams. There are a host of missions for you to try out new challenges for your special operatives. 

Phobos Strike Team

SundayPreview Aug28 StrikeTeam

The well-armed and armoured Phobos Strike Team from the Kill Team: Moroch boxed set is getting a stand-alone release. The miniatures can be assembled as Infiltrators or Incursors and come with an upgrade sprue allowing you to make a range of specialists, including a Voxbreaker, a Saboteur, and a Marksman.


SundayPreview Aug28 Blooded

Kill for the Dark Gods with this unit of Traitor Guard. Led by a Traitor Enforcer who’s backed up by his massive Traitor Ogryn friend, they are a twisted take on the Veteran Guardsmen kill team. The kit has options to build a variety of specialists, including a Sharpshooter, a Grenadier, a Trench Sweeper, and a Butcher. They will also soon have rules for Warhammer 40,000.

Killzone Moroch

SundayPreview Aug28 MorochTerrain

Build your own killzone for Kill Team with this set of Fronteris terrain. The box includes a Landing Pad, a Vox-Antenna and Auspex Shrine, an STC Hab Bunker and Stockades, and a double-sided gameboard. It’s a great way to pick up a Kill Team battlefield in a box or to add to an existing Warhammer 40,000 terrain collection.

Kill Team: Moroch

SundayPreview Aug28 MorochBook

The Kill Team rules for the Phobos Strike Team, the Blooded, and Killzone Moroch can all be found in this book! There are nine missions that can be used with any kill team and background and artwork relating to the bstcovert operations around Moroch.

MiddleEarth 600Wide LOGO

Gandalf™ the Grey

SundayPreview Aug28 Gandalf

Get your hands on a classic miniature for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game on a Made to Order basis. Gandalf is one of the strongest wizards in the game, knows a wide variety of spells, and carries the lethal Elven sword Glamdring.

HorusHeresy2022 Black 600Wide LOGO

Death Guard Cataphractii Shoulder Pads

SundayPreview Aug28 DGCataShoulders

Finish off your Cataphractii Terminators with these shoulder pads – there are enough to upgrade five Death Guard miniatures. One shoulder pad bears the logo of the Legion, while the other features studded rims, representing their brutal nature.

Death Guard Power Armour Shoulder Pads

SundayPreview Aug28 DGMkIIShoulders
SundayPreview Aug28 DGMkIVShoulders

If you prefer to field your Legion in power armour, these two upgrade sets are for you. While they were originally designed for Mark II and Mark IV armours, they can also be easily used with Mark V and Mark III kits.

Death Guard Mark III Torsos

SundayPreview Aug28 DGChests

Easily customise your Death Guard with these torsos. They perfectly encapsulate the XIV Legion and can be used with the plastic Mark III and Mark IV kits or the resin Mark V miniatures.

Space Wolves Mark III Torsos

SundayPreview Aug28 SWChests

For those of a more Loyalist bent, there are these Space Wolves upgrades, following hot on the heels of everyone’s favourite helmets. Covered in runes, wolf teeth, and other symbols of the Legion, they can be used with the Mark IIIMark IV, or Mark V kits.

All of these Legion upgrades are available on a Made to Order basis on the Forge World webstore from Friday. They will only be available until 8am on Monday the 12th of September, so act fast to get your hands on them. Sign up for the newsletter to keep up to date with all of the latest Forge World releases. 

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